The Real Reason Maria Sharapova Is Winning at Wimbledon

maria sharapovaWomen's tennis star Maria Sharapova is flying high on her recent wins at Wimbledon. She's even been called Tennis's "It" Girl (once again). She must be floating. But her career success isn't the only reason Sharapova is happy lately. And there's likely one person she can thank for that: New Jersey Nets guard Sasha Vujacic, her Slovenian fiance.

During Wimbledon, Vujacic has been courtside throughout Sharapova's campaign. (Reuters even reported that she was recently "shooting panicky glances to fiance [Vujacic] as he tried his best to offer encouragement from the players' box." Aww!) I'll bet having her honey around has had a pretty positive influence on the tennis player.

In fact, she recently commented on their relationship.


She told reporters last weekend, after her 6-2, 6-3 win over Klara Zakopalova in the third round at Wimbledon:

It's been really nice because when he moved to Jersey, we didn't get to see each other that much. This trip has kind of made up for it. You get to know a lot about the person by being with them every single day, which we hadn't really had in our whole relationship. We both enjoyed it. But we've obviously been at tournaments. It's been very hard. We're competitive, so we're doing everything in order for me to win tennis matches.

It's awesome that Vujacic's been by her side, showing his support, and that these two obviously see eye-to-eye on both being serious athletes. It sounds like they both realize that they have to make sacrifices -- like living so far away from one another for stretches of time (relying on Skype?) or spending their time together at a tournament like Wimbledon -- in order to keep both their relationship and their sports careers on track.

But I'm willing to bet that it's because of those sacrifices and their relationship that they're both so successful professionally. Maria knows when she goes out on that tennis court, Sasha's got her back. And is there anything that's more of a confidence booster than that?

I can't wait to see how everything plays out for these two crazy kids who are truly in "love." Theirs is certainly a "match" made in sports heaven! (Ha ha.)

How cute are they?!


Image via Chris Eason/Flickr

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