'Coquettish' Male Cheerleader Gives Sassiest Performance You'll Ever See (VIDEO)


Coquettish Male CheerleaderMale cheerleaders are nothing new, but you've never seen one like the dude in this video. At present no one knows his real name, but the Internet has dubbed him "Coquettish," or "Extremely Coquettish Brother," and he's all that much more.

The guy can dance, no doubt, but the best part is what he's wearing. It's no special male version of the cheerleading costume for him, but rather he dons exactly what the women wear. He rocks that sequined miniskirt too. Check him out.

Tell me you don't want him cheering for you ... no matter what team you're on. He's fierce!

Even more surprising about his performance is the fact that it takes place in China, not exactly known for its liberal ways, at an unidentified university. Hopefully the coquettish brother will come forward with his real identity soon so we can see more.

What do you think of this male cheerleader's moves?

Image via YouTube

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Abby Lynch

Wow can he move! And he is so adorable! Huge props to the unnamed Chinese University. I imagine that wouldn't fly at most universities even here in the States.

.seal... .sealuchas.

OK, seeing this it reminds me of highschool. My bet is that he was probably put up to it, because of the way he was the main focus and that everyone yelled when HE busted moves. Even if that ISNT the case damn that boy can move. And I love when men can be comfortable in their own skin and sexuality! You go BOY!!!!!!!!!

.seal... .sealuchas.

Yeah I go with he was put up to it. You san see the people on the sidelines laughing and cheering him to keep going. If this was a normal thing then they wouldnt be so amused by it. If he isnt already a cheerleader he is probably a player who they knew could dance.

Alicia Lili Mauer

What a dancer! I'm thoroughly impressed. 

That said, this is a "Rocky Horror" moment: I sigh in sadness when I realize yet another man has beeter legs than I do. Oh well. He's got better moves, too, so it's understandable. 

Jenniy Jenniy


.Mhac... .MhacFoirfe.

He is FABULOUS! I love it!

bela516 bela516

Good for him!!  He's a great dancer.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I understand it's not uncommon for a male in cheerleading. But, either this guy lost a bet, the lead cheerleader was ill or he likes looking like a girl. He's got good moves but, couldn't he found another style to match his masculinity than a skirt????

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

That was great!

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