Disabled Veteran Makes Kid's Day With Amazing Foul Ball Catch (VIDEO)


Michael KacerIf every fan who went to a baseball game with glove in hand, aiming to be the one who caught a ball were able to snag one out of the air, the mystique would be gone. It all comes down to luck. Or maybe something extra. When a man with one arm, a wounded US military veteran, caught a foul ball at Yankee Stadium, over the weekend, you knew there just had to be something extra special about Michael Kacer.

Most people never catch a ball, but Kacer, who lost his left arm in a rocket attack while serving in the National Guard, stuck out his hat, and captured the ball fouled off Curtis Granderson's bat during Friday's game against the Colorado Rockies. Oh, but it gets better!

Usually when a fan catches a ball, what happens? They act like a bit of a jerk, right? Dancing around, trying to give the folks watching the Jumbotron a show, enjoying their 15 minutes? Not this guy. Proving he was even more deserving than your typical grandstanding ball-catching fan, Kacer handed it over to a kid, his 13-year-old nephew, Isaiah. Can we swoon now?

You can check it out for yourself:

Either his mama back in Scranton, Pennsylvania raised him right or the National Guard taught this soldier how to roll. I'm hard-pressed to think of a catch in the stands that's made me smile brighter. Even that dad who dropped his daughter while trying to catch a ball who made me giggle so hard last month can't touch this. The Yankees made me grin even harder, by the way, when I learned they had invited Kacer and 19 other wounded vets onto the field BEFORE the game (and before his catch) to honor their service to our country.

Can you think of a guy who was more deserving of catching a ball at a game?

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Veron... VeronicaTex

What an amazing article!!!!  Just love it!!!!!! 

Not only do I appreciate the conduct of this man, but the fact that I  was in the military, besides being originally from PA,  endears this guy to me even more...

What a fine example for his nephew and the people seeing this!!!!!!  

May articles like this gain the attention they deserve!!!!!!

Thank you, Ms. Sager!!!!!!!


Collette Ojeda

Wow, this put a huge smile on my face. Way to go guy! Awesome!

babyl... babylovies

Besides this guy just being freaking awesome, he trumped a vidoe I saw about some 12 year old telling Erin Andrews he would watch the peeping Tom video if she didn't give him am autograph. Obviously, this kid was not brought up properly, and the adults with him acter as if he did nothing wrong. I appreciate that he taught us all a lesson. What a great guy.

Addys... Addys_Mom

Awww thats awesome. While I despise the yankees (red sox fan here) this catch was awesome and giving it to his nephew is great. What a good guy :) and cute lol.

Aslen Aslen

Is he single??


kisse... kisses5050

Alsen- if he is he wont be for long!


jeann... jeannesager

@kisses, that thought crossed my mind as well!

conweis conweis

He is a really handsome man. Too bad they didnt show a close up. But that was an awesome catch and gift to his nephew.

Kimberly Ann McCoy

Jesus. This guy survived being attacked with a ROCKET, AND caught this ball one-handed! If he takes out the trash and changes diapers, I'm sold! MARRIED MARRIED MARRIED, KIM!! You're married!

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