'Real Housewives' Ruin Hockey Star's Big Night (VIDEO)


Real Housewives NHL Awards

I want to know whose brilliant idea it was to ask Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof to be presenters at the 2011 NHL Awards last night. Because how embarrassing -- for them, for the league, for us as viewers, and for Martin St. Louis, the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey player who won the award.

Hockey is not Grammer and Maloof's thing. That makes total sense. What with all that time spent watching reruns of yourself, and running back and forth from the plastic surgeon's office, it's hard to find time for outside interests.

But you would have at least thought their handlers would have filled them in on the widely known fact that hockey is pretty much a CANADIAN sport and that most of the guys there last night were originally from CANADA. Because what they said during the presentation of the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy last night was more painful than taking a slapshot in the face.

The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is given to the "player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability." Translation: This award does not go to goons. Just the opposite. It goes to total all-round great players who are usually humble and class acts. Uh, presented by a Real Housewife? Anyone seeing the irony of this yet?

And St. Louis is as classy and cool as they come -- both on and off the ice, as you'll see from this video. The presentation starts with an introduction of the Housewives (not captured) slunking onstage in their black leather sausage casings, matching noses and hair, and a really bad joke. If they had actually been able to read the joke without stumbling over their lines, it might have at least been tolerable. "It's a good thing the rest of the cast isn't here, or we'd all be in the penalty box," Camille says [emphasis on the word penalty, in case nobody in the room got that clever wordplay]. Then they turn and give each other a high-five.


And then it gets even worse.

It's pronounced Mar-ten San Lou-ee NOT Saynt Lewis, ya big blonde dummies! You do not get the names of all-time great hockey players wrong at an awards ceremony for NHL PLAYERS!!!

St. Louis, who so deserved this award the second year in a row, is so humble and nice that he doesn't call attention to their major flub. What does he do? He makes fun of himself and his shorter stature: "Is it me or is this microphone perfect for me? I feel sorry for all the other guys coming up here."

And this time everyone laughed.

He's the kind of guy you wish you went to high school with. The kind of guy who spends all his free time playing with his kids and who thinks of people other than himself. St. Louis brought total class on that stage last night. Someone had to.


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Neimie Neimie

The Maloofs own the Palms... down to 2% ownership, but they still own part of it.  But, they never should have been a part of the NHL awards.  Really, they were miscast and should have been booed off the stage...   If you want a great site for Housewives stuff check out http://www.stoopidhousewives.com/

benic... benicetoothers

I think your article is incredible catty and immature, which is sad because you're right to honor the class of Mr. St. Louis. However, there is nothing classy about ignorant stereotypes and name-calling.  Obviously the organizers of the show asked them to present; should they say "no" just because you don't like them?   And, the organizers of the show should have told them the proper pronunciation of the man's name...not the "handlers" you think they have.  Yes, St. Louis has class. Where is yours?

Bridget Sampson Hudeck

This is a sorry excuse for an article, and it greately exaggerated the event.  Im sure Mr St Louis is used to his name being mispronounced.  Was it easily avoidable?  Of course.  Was it a slam in the face of Mr. St Louis?  Hardly.  Honestly, who cares?  He obviously didnt.

Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

Did you not have anything to write about today? Ask yourself - who is caddy now? Get a life!

nonmember avatar Micki

Why does anyone or yourself care about this, NOT IMPORTANT......get lives

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