Man With No Limbs Competes in Swim Race for Charity (VIDEO)


swimmingDid you set your alarm this morning for extra early so you could hit the gym? Maybe go for a run? Then did you hit snooze when your alarm went off? Maybe twice, thrice, until eventually it was too late, so you figured you'd just sleep more? Well, I am personally revoking your "I'm too tired" card because Craig Dietz participated in the 4.4-mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim yesterday.

"Big whoop," you're thinking, right? "Some dude I've never heard of swam four and a half miles. What's that got to do with me?" Well, everything, really. See, Craig is making you look like a gluttonous lazy sloth because not only did he swim 4.4 miles, he did it without any arms or legs. What's your excuse now?

Craig is an inspiration to everybody -- those who aspire to be athletes and gym rats, and those who couldn't care less about the state of their physical condition. Because he doesn't know the word "no." Despite being born without limbs, the 36-year-old has remained active his entire life, hunting, fishing, bowling, skiing, swimming, and participating in triathlon relays. The Chesapeake Bay Swim was going to be his farthest swim to date (and still is much farther than I have ever swam), but unfortunately the race was cut short, due to the storm that started to roll around.

Dietz trained four days a week at his gym to prepare, spending hours in the pool with a flipper on, garnering the attention and awe of others. It's honestly embarrassing to think that almost every day often I walk right past my gym on the way home from work because I'm "too tired," "too hungry," or "too thirsty for a cocktail." It's also making me think that the snooze button ought to be dismantled from my phone.

Craig Dietz, you are one helluva dude. And even if you don't make me veer right into my gym this evening for that 7 p.m. Zumba class, you are still a hero and a motivation. Congrats.

Check out Craig in action:

How amazing is this guy? (Also, fess up, did you hit snooze this morning?)


Image via Randy Pertiet/Flickr


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nonmember avatar James Monroe

Even when I have a pool in my own backyard, I hardly find the motivation to take a swim every week, let alone everyday. I is truly an inspiration to see him swim that much a distance with no limbs. He teaches us a lot about determination, and not letting any disabilities hold us back in trying to accomplish our goals.

nonmember avatar Jasen W

Craig is truly an inspiration. When you hear stories like his, for me it really gives extra incentive to go and make use of the abilities I have been given.

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