Baseball Fans Treated to Best-Ever Jumbotron Wedding Proposal (VIDEO)

soldier proposalPardon me for being a good fan, but the big custom middle-of-the-baseball-game marriage proposals can be a real bummer for those of us who show up to see balls and strikes, am I right? We're all sitting there wishing the bride-to-be would stop crying, sit down, and let us get back to the inning at hand. As Tom Hanks said after all, "There is NO crying in baseball." Fans? Prepare to eat your words.

Because the proposal from an Airman First Class named Eddie Ludsko supposedly serving far away from his girlfriend cropped up smack dab in the middle of a Kansas City Royals game on Monday (they were playing the Angels, at home) and there's no denying it. I cried. It was a bona fide tearjerker. Check it out:


Did you get all that? Eddie Ludsko was supposedly on active duty overseas serving as an Airman First Class with our military. He was proposing on the Jumbotron, a big deal itself considering the Royals have a strict $500 proposals fee, which most service members can't afford on a military salary (but rumor on the web is that the baseball team has dropped it in honor of the troops!!). Usually the team won't allow something customized, but they made an exception this time, again in honor of Memorial Day. And then, and this is where the tears started flowing, he came running out, in the flesh, to grab his Celi in his arms.

OK. I'll say it. THAT is worth filling up the space between innings. Did you cry?


Image via YouTube

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