Quarterback Tony Romo & Cowboys Owner Play Nice for Nuptials

tony romo candace crawfordThis past weekend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo got hitched to former Miss Missouri-turned-sportscaster Candice Crawford, and it sounds like the wedding actually went off without a hitch. With the exception of one big elephant in the room ... Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who was in attendance. I guess because of the NFL lockout, players aren't supposed to have any contact with their team owners away from the negotiating table. But Jones had to ask the NFL if he could attend. They must have given him the green light, because on Saturday, he was right there alongside all of the other Cowboys who watched Romo tie the knot.

Jones recently told ESPN's Ed Werder:

I've gotten special permission. But more than anything, (I got the) right ticket from him and his fianceé — Romo's wife-to-be. (It's) one of prettiest invitations I've ever seen. So, yes, I will be there and (I'm) proud for him. He's got the best end of this deal.

Soooo, that's a little AWKWARD, huh?


I mean, in what other case would one of your guests need "special permission" from another boss to attend your wedding? That's gotta be odd. "Hey honey, don't make out a place card for Jerry just yet! He has to see what the the other NFL owners say!"

Seems like Romo's kind of like Jones' golden child, so lockout or no lockout, he was going to be there for his QB. Still, Jones is one of the most powerful owners on the NFL, and Romo is a big name, so he's bound to be expected to stick up for the players. It's possible that if the wrong topic came up over toasts or the cutting of the cake, who KNOWS what could have happened?! Their big, happy Texas "I do"s could have erupted into a full-out football player vs. owner brawl!

Okay, sure, I'm getting a bit carried away, but when it comes to politics, you never know. Even if it is just football labor politics!

I just breathe a sigh of relief for Candice. It's got to be a wild ride in itself marrying a famous football player otherwise known to your friends as Jessica Simpson's ex. Let alone having to worry about his boss bringing up upsetting business on your big day. Good thing that in the end, everyone played nice!



Image via Michael Loccisano/Getty


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