UFC Fighter Won't Stop Sexually Harassing Reporters on Camera (VIDEOS)

rampage jacksonIf UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson ever behaved the way he did after fights at a "real job" he would have undoubtedly been fired long ago. And if he wasn't, and I worked at the same company as him, I'd sure as hell quit.

After his victory over Matt Hamill on Saturday, Rampage Jackson took time out from his busy schedule of fighting and sexually harassing ladies to ... sexually harass. What can I say? He's two-dimensional.

Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat had a tough time interviewing Jackson after his fight. She wanted to talk about his win, his technique blah blah blah. He wanted to talk about how he likes black chicks, how she makes him horny, and how he'd love to motorboat her.


If you're some crazy person who's thinking, "Oh, whatever. It was a one time thing. Leave him alone," you're not only an idiot, you're sorely mistaken. See, Rampage's interview with Karyn was actually kind of tame compared to the one he did with Heather Nichols. In my opinion, at least. Call me old fashioned, but I find dry humping on camera a little racier than near-motorboating. You can watch both videos below and decide for yourself. 

The thing that bugs me -- almost as much as the general jack assery of Jackson -- is Karyn's reaction to the whole thing. I'm not going to turn this into a "let's blame the woman" post, but man, she seems to be enjoying the interview with Jackson, harassment and all. She even tweeted:

I wasn’t offended by [Rampage] at all. We were clowning around. I thought it was funny! 

He didn’t ACTUALLY motorboat me! Never even touched me… I do have a pretty good right hand in case. Knees aren’t bad either. LOL

That's your idea of clowing around, Karyn? Sheesh. I wonder what ... not clowning around is like for you. But I said I wasn't going to make this an anti-Karyn post, so I'll stop there. The thing that's a bummer though, the thing that makes me sad, is that it's so hard for females to be taken seriously as sports journalists already. Hell, some respected ones can't even get into locker rooms for interviews. With people like Rampage Jackson (and Karyn, sorry!), it seems damn near impossible.

From now on, I say no women interview the UFC fighter -- partly because he can't behave himself, partly because they shouldn't want to. From here on out, I say the only people allowed to interview Rampage Jackson are men. Gay men. Let's see how he likes that. Jerk.

Check out these two nauseating videos from this guy:

Can you believe this guy?


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