Sexy Tennis Campaign Will Only Make Girls Insecure (VIDEO)


ana ivanovicBillie Jean King and The Women's Tennis Association recently launched an ad campaign called "Strong Is Beautiful." The ad features tennis favorites like Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, Ana Ivanovic, and Li Na. What are these women doing in the ads? Why, playing tennis of course. How do they look doing it? Sexy as all get-out with their itty-bitty skirts, glistening skin, and slow-motion movements.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote women's tennis and, according to the WTA, highlight "athleticism and grace -- a unique combination that has turned the stars of the WTA into the most recognizable and followed female athletes on the planet." I'm kinda thinking it's just to highlight these hot women's asses.

Yes, this will absolutely "raise awareness" for women's tennis -- not sure if that awareness will be coming from females, though. And wasn't that the point of the campaign? The women of tennis aren't highlighting their killer backhands to promote the sport (or endorse a product), yet are resorting to their tanned and toned bodies and long flowing locks to get you to pay attention. And of course, this isn't anything new.

It was only a few months ago that Serena Williams did an ad for 2K Sports for their Top Spin 4 video game that was deemed too sexy by several TV stations. (When the ad was pulled from YouTube by 2K Sports, Serena went ahead and posted it to her YouTube page -- guess she was proud of it!) There's also the Maria Sharapova Cole Haan ad that features her in a micro-mini and gladiator sandals while she holds a tennis racket and spreads her legs. And then there's anything and everything Anna Kournikova does. Does she even play tennis anymore?

We get it. The women of tennis are sexy. It's actually kind of weird how that worked out. But if the WTA sponsored this campaign to emphasize how liberating it is to be athletic, AKA to try to inspire young girls to take up the sport, well, it will probably only do the opposite -- make them insecure about their looks and bodies. And isn't that what they have celebrities for?

Check out one of the ads:

What do you think of women's tennis ads being so sexy?


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nonmember avatar TV

I disagree completely. It’s not like the WTA picks its top tennis players according to their looks. Just to be clear, that was a joke. The WTA doesn’t ‘pick’ the top players. The top players get there because of their skill and ability. Young girls become great tennis players because they have the passion to practice every day and become great. Some of those girls are naturally more attractive than others, but all are in great shape because a person can’t play tennis everyday and not be in great shape. By the way, it’s no different for the male players.

There is nothing wrong with young girls looking up to strong, dedicated, fit, athletic and beautiful women. Its comments like yours Ms Fabian-Weber that makes girls insecure. You are the one who chose to write an article like this highlighting a non-existent issue. The natural inclination of a girl is not to feel insecure when they see a strong, beautiful woman. But when you insinuate that they can’t be like the women in the ads, you create the insecurity.

As for the WTA and the campaign itself, let’s be realists here, sex sells. Even to other women. So it’s no coincidence that the WTA picked some of the more attractive players to participate in their ad campaign. They want people to notice the ad, not ignore it.

rauri... raurismomma07

I don't see what the big deal is I mean I looks like the same thing they would play tennis in. 

doubl... doublesweetness

I don't see the issue here. It's not like there are 13 year-old girls in the ad---these are WOMEN! Strong, athletic, beautiful women. I see nothing wrong with kids looking up to them or aspiring to be like them.

LadyS... LadySaphira

I agree with doublesweetness, we see music videos TV programs, and other comercials every day that are much worse than this every day. What she is wearing covers just as much as a "normal" Tennis outfit would and rthere is nothing wrong with the ad.

Carol King

Let's stop stirring controversy.  A women is beautiful...and strong no matter WHAT she wears.

kelli... kelli0585

I'm not seeing it.  Sure, the outfits could be considered "sexy," but not by any means vulgar.  They are no shorter than the normal outfits they wear on the court. 

To me, it seems like the videos are a nod to Greek and Hellenistic sculpture, where there was a heavy emphasis on athleticism and the perfection of the human form.  Hellenistism especially portrayed such dramatic movements in their sculpture. . .as if the form was actually moving in slow motion.  I think the Grecian tennis outfits and draping of their bodies is a dead giveaway in what this advertisement was trying to achieve.  And yes, a strong, athletic body IS beautiful.  I think the advertisements were tastefully done. 

And if you REALLY cared about the sport of tennis and how it is being portrayed, then you would surely know that in the Cole Haan ad that you linked, the one with Maria Sharapova holding a "tennis racket". . . . . that she's not actually holding a tennis racket.  It's a badminton racket;  a recreational sport that is often played in the grass and in springtime attire.  Legs spread?  Looks like a normal action shot, to me.  Good grief. 

kelli... kelli0585

"Hellenism."  Not "Hellenistism."  Oops.

Rosie... RosieRuth

Li Na,  in the ad is BEAUTIFUL! My son watched with me and said "she pretty." Strong, beautiful, atheltic women are the best role models for young women. Give some credit to our girls...They KNOW they might NOT be as strong or as pretty or as athlectic as the PRO in the ad, but it may be that one person that gets them up and moving and saying "I want to play _____. I want to be a role model. I want inspire." I watched the ad and thought it was very tasteful. She had more clothing in the ad then they usually have  on, on the court. Simply a BEAUTIFUL message to girls/women of all ages.

Corbi... CorbinsMomma

If I had a daughter I would wrather her look up to an athlete playing tennis than miley cyrus any day.

nonmember avatar LauraRB

Amen, sistas! Thank gawd there are more sensible people reading The Stir than writing for it. Girls should be looking up to these women and aspiring to be them. They are fit, healthy, confident. What... are we supposed to put the "average" woman out there for girls to look up to? These days, that average woman is obese. I don't want my daughter to think she needs to look like a super-model, but I sure as hell don't want her thinking fat and lazy is ok, just to boost that precious "self esteem." Self esteem comes from accomplishments, large and small, it is not an inalienable right.

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