More Proof Lance Armstrong Is a Liar


Lance ArmstrongIf Lance Armstrong wants to convince anyone he doesn't dope, he needs to brush up on his excuses. To answer allegations on 60 Minutes from former teammate Tyler Hamilton that he saw Armstrong giving himself injections of red-cell boosting drug EPO, Lance has his attorneys out there doing damage control with gems like, "Most people will see this for exactly what it is: More washed-up cyclists talking trash for cash."

We've heard this one on the playground, haven't we? Although it sounded a bit more like "I know you are, but what am I?" In fact, Armstrong's entire "Facts 4 Lance" site, a blog he tweeted about last night, reads like an attempt not to clear up the allegations that have been floating around for years, but to smear the people who dare voice their concerns about Armstrong's activities.

Hamilton, whose interview with 60 Minutes is part of the CBS news show's six-month investigation into allegations about doping in cycling, gets his own page dubbed simply "Hamilton Is Not Credible." I'll save you the trouble of skimming it with this summation: the way Armstrong's camp tells it, Hamilton can't be trusted because he's doped himself and he's writing a book.

But let's consider this. A host of other people have made allegations about Armstrong. People like Stephen Swart, a teammate of Armstrong's in the '90s who claims Lance instigated EPO use by the whole team. People like cyclist Floyd Landis, who claims Lance used private planes to bypass customs with his illegal substances. People like Mike Anderson, a bike mechanic who alleges he saw "andro" in Armstrong's home (referring to androstene, a steroid). That's just the tip of the iceberg, begging the question -- are they all former dopers writing books too?

Now let's flip the coin. If we can't trust Hamilton because he's used drugs and wants to make some money with a book deal, how can we trust Armstrong himself? He's got a handful of books on the shelves. AND it's looking more and more like he is himself a junkie, a doper, a drug addict ... the sort of person he doesn't want us to trust. By his own rubric, he's a liar, liar pants on fire!

Who do you believe? Is Armstrong innocent or lying?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

I know that all this so called evidence is pretty damning but he was tested for so long and so often and never ever failed a did he do that....the tests were random and scheduled, on and off how did he get away with it for sooo long, if he was indeed using drugs?!! I am really torn on this. It seems to make sense that he did do drugs - it would explain a lot. But how did he get away with it for so long!?

nonmember avatar Sav


Cyclists have found ways to dope undetected for decades. Those who were eventually caught managed to do it for years or even their entire careers, and many of them were not caught with the help of tests. There aren't even tests for several of the methods used.

Just look at Tyler Hamilton himself. He failed two drugs tests over a more than a decade-long career yet now says he used "over, and over and over." Floyd Landis basically says the same thing and he failed exactly one drug ratio test. It wasn't even a positive reading so much as an unusual balance in his testosterone levels.

It can be done, and nobody does it better than cyclists.

Sea Ger

I confess my total naiveté with regard to pro-cycling's dirtiness, until I read these books:
* A Dog in a Hat: An American Bike Racer's Story of Mud, Drugs, Blood, Betrayal, and Beauty in Belgium

* Breaking the Chain: Drugs and Cycling: The True Story

* The Crooked Path to Victory: Drugs and Cheating in Professional Bicycle Racing

* From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France

Without question the arrogant "kid" from Texas is blood-guilty of cheating & fraud ... the problem now is proving it legally.

nonmember avatar benjamin rain

Regardless if Lance is guilty or not... there is no real proof.
What you call "proof" has no hard science backing it up.
Don't call it "proof" if it's not freakin' proof.
I hope you don't get paid to write.
You lied to me about your "proof", do you smell smoke?
May god have mercy on your soul.

nonmember avatar Bob

You ask for "proof" and then invoke God's mercy. Hilarious.

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