Painful to Watch: Man's 36 Foot Face-Dive Into Kiddie Pool (VIDEO)

All ladies know that being with a professional athlete is a super sexy proposition. The money! The fame! The money! Did I mention the money? 

Of course, it has downsides, too. Namely, the groupies. If you're going to get yourself hitched to a pro athlete, the best time to start is before the sport itself really takes off. This significantly lessens the chances that you're just one of a million girls sweating Mr. Macho.

Enter US Shallow Diving. It's a real sport. Oh yes, it is. Grown men climb giant scaffolds and leap into mere kiddie pools of water. It's the belly flop to end all belly flops.

And one Colorado native, Darren Taylor, also known as Professor Splash, has just set his 13th Guinness certified record by swan-diving 36 feet (11 meters) into a paddling pool containing just one foot of water. One foot! I am pretty sure my toilet has more water than that.

Check it out below:


Just to keep things interesting, the pool was in Trondheim, Norway, where sub-freezing temperatures lent an even more insane aspect to his dive o' lunacy.

Lest we think Taylor made this sport up (just how does one even decide to do this? Do I want to know?), rest assured, he has 25 years' professional high-diving experience and works as a stunt diver.

So the next time some guy tries this line on you at a bar -- "Hey baby, I hold the world record in diving into a kiddie pool." -- remember, he really might.

Do you find this insane, too?


Image via YouTube

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