Tennis Star David Ferrer Lobs Ball At Crying Baby (VIDEO)


baby in standsThe Sony Ericsson Open tennis matches were on the bar TV last night, but I couldn't be bothered from my intense trivia game to notice. ("A. No! ... B.") Kind of wished I had looked up from my pen and pad to watch a moment or two of the quarterfinals, because ish got really real.

Spaniard David Ferrer played American Mardy Fish (best name ever?), but David wasn't happy with his game. The Florida sun was blazing, his indigestion was acting up, and that damn baby in the stands wouldn't stop crying. So David did what we've all wished we could do sometimes, and lobbed a tennis ball at the bawling infant in the stands. Fore!

OK, so that's only a golf saying, but you know what I mean. The ball didn't come close to the baby, but it did stop crying. Win win?

It sounds really bad of him, but I can't say I haven't had the same thought when there's a crying baby on my plane, or in the infinite line at Trader Joe's, or at a nearby table at a restaurant. Of course the only thing I've ever done is roll my eyes, but had I had tennis ball, who knows. I kid!

I can forgive a crying baby, obviously. But what I can't get over is a whiny kid whose parents allowed the incessant begging and pleading in that grating tone that makes eardrums bleed. In my past life I flew from New York to Orlando (and you know what's in Orlando) on the regular for work, and I'll be darned if it wasn't a case study in parenting. There were times I could've pulled a David Ferrer had the opportunity presented itself.

Also, tennis spectators are shushed all the time. Same with golf. I can understand Ferrer's frustration. It'd be like someone coming into your office with a crying little one in their arms, asking you about the Q3 numbers, pretending like no one can hear the screaming nor feel the tears on their forearm. No one can work like that. Fore!

Can you relate to Ferrer at all?

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bills... billsfan1104

I dont agree with him throwing a ball towards the baby. Maybe he was trying to throw it at the idiotic parents that brought a baby to a tennis match.

melis... melissabilliot

Watch the video he didn't throw it and it didnt go near the baby..who was more of a toddler than an infant....

Texas... TexasWife

tough story. you want to be mad at the parents for not taking the baby elsewhere to ssettle down. However you don't like the fact that  he hit a ball into the stands because of it. That was not very professional of him.

Shanin22 Shanin22

Do you even have children? I would find it hard to believe since you can find no compassion for the parents of a crying child and could justify throwing a ball at a baby. Obviously there are places you shouldn't bring a young child... tennis game is probably one of them. But the grocery store or a plane? Do you think that parent wants to be standing in line with their screaming child anymore then you do? But guess what... they have to feed their family which means sometimes taking their children shopping. Parents have to travel too. For all you know that family with the screaming child was flying to Florida for a grandparents funeral. I'm sure they didn't want to take a baby through hours of security and a long plane ride... but that's life. Learn a little compassion.

nonmember avatar Shelly

Good for him! He did what I would never have the guts to do!

Sandra Gudger

karma is a bitch thats why he lost the game!! screw him thats not right.. there is no justification there and if i was the parent there the tennis match would turn into a boxing match real quick!!

Linda Lucero

what an ass! what is he 10??

Jennifer Langdon

He didn't "throw" the ball at the kid. Hell, he probably didn't even hit it in that exact direction! Yes, it was unprofessional, but what were those parents thinking in bringing a small child to a tennis match anyways?!? Not really a place for toddlers... I have three children - 10, 8, and 2. There's no way I would have taken ANY of them to that match (even though my kids are very well behaved), and not just because I have no interest in tennis whatsoever. But because you just don't do that. Hot sun + having to be quiet = NOT a kid friendly zone.
As far as having a "moment" when you want to throw something at a kid who's throwing a tantrum (or at least yell "Shut up!")... HELL YES! Kids can be obnoxious. Especially when they're tired or sick. And what's worse is when the kid is throwing a fit and the parents do nothing to stop it. Most of the time, it comes from poor parenting in the first place. Which is why we should all carry around tennis balls to throw at stupid parents, because hitting a child with a ball is just inappropriate.

Lilly... LillySanovia

Sounds like a whiny prima donna - if he can't concentrate on the game he shouldn't be in it. There is no justification for his immature actions.

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