NCAA Star Jimmer Fredette Went to Prison to Learn to Play Basketball


jimmer fredetteYou're gonna hear a lot of guys talk about a lot of things during March Madness: Cinderella teams, upsets, seeds, match-ups. Some stuff will get old real quick and you should just go back to playing Scrabble on your iPhone. What won't get old? Hearing about Jimmer Fredette.

I've ordered my t-shirt. I've picked BYU to go far in my bracket. Yup, I'm on Team Jimmer. Not just because he's the top scorer in college basketball (some say in all of basketball). Not just because he makes jaw-dropping shots from great distances (think sinking a shot from half-court like it was easy-peasey). Not just because his name has become a verb (as in "Dude, you were so Jimmered by that guy!" -- meaning a guy who doesn't look like he can do much totally whipped your tushee). 

And not just because he's got some unique fans: the inmates at the Mount McGregor Correctional Facility.

So, as the story goes, Jimmer got to be such a good player partly due to the fact he always played with his brother TJ, who is seven years older. Playing against dudes twice his size, Jimmer had to learn how to create shots and make it work.

Older bro TJ was part of a group of guys who'd go play games at Mount McGregor Correctional Facility in Wilton, New York, near where the Fredette family lives. One day, TJ had his little brother come along, and the rest is history. Whenever Jimmer played there, he won. As much as the inmates wanted their team to beat the civilians, they soon began cheering as this kid made ridiculous shot after ridiculous shot. Did playing with the R-rated taunts and jeers from the inmates watching help his mental game? He thinks so:

Obviously there are a lot more people in big arenas in college, but what they say to you doesn't bother you because I heard pretty much everything in those prisons ... I think that helped me get better at blocking the crowd out and just focusing on the game.

Since his move to BYU, guys in the prison have followed his career. They tune into his games, read the papers about his latest 40-point game, and are some of his biggest fans.

Who isn't a big fan? Jimmermania has reached epic proportions. He's made stops on all of the ESPN shows, been interviewed by almost every big sports reporter, and I love the media for hopping on the Jimmer bandwagon. The story of Jimmer Fredette is one of the best stories I've read about in a long time. Here's a good small-town kid with amazing skills -- who even used to play basketball with inmates -- and he makes it to the Big Dance. This has all of the makings of a classic sports movie, huh? I'm sure Hollywood is already thinking of who will play him (I think Adam Brody aka Seth Cohen from The O.C. would be perfect).

What do you think of Jimmer Fredette?


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tazdvl tazdvl

Never heard of him.

Jenny Patten Pinegar

I freaking LOVE JIMMER as well! I've gotten MY JIMMER FERDETTE SHIRT. The t-shirt literally says I HEART JIMMER. I got it at this amazing shop @ THe Jimmermania is amazing, there are even Jimmer Ferdette Shirt Facebook pages:

I think BYU will do amazing in the NCAA Tournament. I hope we can still go all the way without Brandon Davies! GO BYU!! JIMMER FOR Player of the Year!

Amanda Johnson Hull

I Love Jimmer... I mean my husband.  :^)  But seriously, Jimmer is freakin' awesome. 


Jimmer can kill two stones with one bird.  Oh yeah!

Addys... Addys_Mom

Lol at first i opened this article prepared to be outraged at someone who would dare speak bad about my jimmer. But then reading the backstory i understand :) I have bled blue since i was a wee kid. my parents both went to BYU so i have always been a fan. And while usually i dont care that much about march madness, this year is sooo exciting! I love jimmer. and tazdvl, have you not turned the tv on to a sports station once in the last month? lol. he is all over the place!

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