Would Howard Bryant Have Been Arrested 'If He Was White'?

howard bryantUsually he's writing about the athletes in the news, but this time, ESPN senior writer Howard Bryant is the one making headlines. After being arrested Saturday for domestic assault and resisting arrest, he's pleading not guilty to the charges. His attorney goes on to claim the police made assumptions in the case. Assumptions that he was guilty because Bryant is black.

Bryant says he did not assault his wife and that the police immediately became violent with him. His wife -- who is white -- has issued a statement saying the police did not listen to her when she told them she was not being assaulted. But, the police say they have five eyewitnesses who all said Bryant was grabbing his wife's neck and pinning her against a car.

We don't live in a perfect society. Situations like this are complex. We have heard cases like this before. I'm not sure anyone really knows what really happened.


Apparently, in the middle of the day, outside a pizzeria, with his 6-year-old son in the car, Bryant was "choking" his wife, according to the eyewitnesses. When the police arrived, they say Bryant put up a fight, refused to be handcuffed, and that he was uncooperative and resistant.

Bryant claims they were aggressive with him from the start and refused to hear what he and his wife had to say about the situation. His lawyer, Buz Eisenberg, goes on to say that if Bryant was white, "nobody would have even noticed." The police department has fired back, defending the actions of the officers and disputing the racism claims.

So what do we know? We know something happened between Byrant and his wife and the police were called. We know his lawyer is claiming racism. We know the alleged victim is standing up for her accused husband. Everyone is now on the defensive and emotions are running high. What else we know: both domestic violence and racism are serious problems.

Sad to say, I'm not sure we will ever fully know the truth of what happened. Unfortunately, this all unfolded right in front of their little boy. Another thing we know: here's another victim. No matter who is right, who is wrong, or if the truth is muddled and lies somewhere in the hazy middle area, there's a mom and a dad who have to try and explain all of this to that little boy.

Here's Howard Bryant talking about steroid use in major league baseball:



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