Will Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey Tempt Lady Luck?

carmelo anthony jerseyIn case you haven't heard, a trade for Carmelo Anthony was finally, well, finalized. Melo is packing his bags and heading to The Big Apple to play with the Knicks. This trade seems to involve the whole NBA ... okay not the whole NBA, but there are so many players involved with this trade, it's like a game of "Red Rover, Red Rover" gone wrong. Regardless, the wait is over -- Carmelo Anthony will be taking the subway to work, gettin' off at 34th Street.

Alas, one thing he can't bring with him is his jersey number. He's worn #15 both at Syracuse and Denver, but that's been retired by the Knicks (apparently twice ... not sure how that happens, but it has). The number he wore in high school, #22, is also off-limits.

The question for so long was where would Anthony end up, but now it changes to what number will be on Carmelo Anthony's Knicks jersey?


The rumors began swirling -- where else but on Twitter -- that Melo will don #13.

Huh? In perhaps his biggest career move so far, he's picking the unluckiest number he could? In most buildings, there is no 13th floor. On some airplanes, you can't sit in row 13 because there isn't one. It's like bringing a ladder with him to walk under and tossing a bunch of mirrors on the floor at today's press conference. Lady Luck may or may not be kind if he selects ol' 13.

We may think it is odd (personally, I like the number), but there have been other big name professional athletes that have donned the unlucky 13 and had lots of luck -- Dan Marino wore it when he played on the Miami Dolphins, and Kurt Warner wore it throughout his football career. If Melo picks #13, he and fellow NYC sports superstar Alex Rodriguez can form a little #13 Lunch Club -- A-Rod wears it playing for the Yankees

And, none other than one of the greatest basketball players, Wilt Chamberlain, wore #13. Not only did he wear the number, it was retired by the five teams he played for (including the University of Kansas). Oh, he played on 13 All-Star teams -- slam dunk that stat.

Hmmm, maybe it isn't such a bad choice for Carmelo after all?

Do you think the number 13 is lucky or unlucky?


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