Donald Trump Wants the Mets? Blame Bernie Madoff

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (not on his way to a Mets game)
Baseball season hasn't even started yet, and the New York Mets are already having a rough year. For those not keeping up, the Bernie Madoff scandal has left the Mets in complete financial disarray, and Madoff's victims are alleging that the head honchos knew about the fraud in their financial dealings with Madoff. The team's future seems up in the air, and the latest news? Donald Trump has expressed interest in buying the Mets. Thanks a lot, Madoff!

The question on everybody's mind: Will Trump kill the Mets the way he did the United States Football League? He was one of the owners of the league when it folded after bad business decisions and a lawsuit. Some are saying he should stay away from sports after that debacle.

But the important question, and the question on my mind: is Donald Trump even a Mets fan?!


Trump is saying he's good friends with the Wilpon family, principal owners of the New York Mets, and that he wants to help them out by buying their stake. Aww, Mr. Trump, how nice of you to want to help your "friends," but you know what would be even nicer? If you stayed the hell away from the Mets!

Seriously, what the heck does Trump know about baseball?

Could the Mets use the money? Sure! Would the publicity be good? Maybe. But being an owner of a baseball team takes more than simply throwing money at the problem. You have to know and care about baseball. You can't just try a bunch of random gimmicks and hope the team succeeds. And, most importantly, you can't just pack up and walk away when it fails. I mean, seriously, this is the same man who thought bottled water was worth his time. (What, did you forget about Trump Ice?)

Thankfully, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon is reassuring us that this is probably not going to happen, saying that controlling interest in the team is "not on the table." And perhaps the financial troubles they're having will soon be resolved because he indicated that there's been a lot of interest in smaller shares of the team. In even more good news, in Madoff's recent statement, he insists that the Wilpons had no knowledge of his fraud so hopefully the family name will soon be cleared.

Whatever happens, I just have two hopes: that the Mets stay in New York, and that they finally get back to focusing on baseball. Well, that and that Trump leaves them alone.

Do you think Donald Trump would ruin the team by becoming an owner of the New York Mets?


Image via Boss Tweed/Flickr

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