UConn QB Johnny McEntee Throws Unbelievable Trick Shots! (VIDEO)

johnny mcenteeIf you ask quarterback Johnny McEntee if he's ever thrown a touchdown pass during a game for his UConn Huskies, he'll say, "No."

If you ask quarterback Johnny McEntee if he's ever thrown a football 40 yards and knocked a water bottle of a guy's head, he'll say, "Obviously."

A red-shirt Junior at the University of Connecticut, Johnny has only seen action in one game. While he's not especially busy on the field, he's made a name for himself off the field -- on YouTube of course.

In four minutes of amazingness, "Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback" shows off his passing accuracy by opening doors with a pass, hitting receivers while he's blind-folded, and nailing the cross bar and uprights in three easy tosses.

You won't believe your eyes. Bonus! He's hot.


If you're thinking that it's just film editing, or CGI, you may be right because, really, I can't tell. But I don't think Johnny's looking to get into USC film school, I think he's looking to start a few games for UConn next season. It would only benefit him if the reel is real. So we'll operate under that assumption.

Johnny's video has over 25,000 views as of now, and I bet he's hoping Coach Paul Pasqualoni is one of the thousands who've taken notice.

It's a genius move by Johnny and his buddies who helped him make the video. Not only will all six of them get laid more than they ever dreamed, but Johnny just might be the plucky kid from the bench that becomes the all-star QB 1.

If you watch Friday Night Lights (and you should), we all know how this saga will play out.

Anyway, keep it up kiddo. Good luck next season!

How rad is Johnny McEntee, and how badly do you wish you could hug him?

Photo via YouTube

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