Mark Sanchez Dates Teen Eliza Kruger: Why Aren't We Surprised?

mark sanchezBen Roethlisberger. Michael Vick. Brett Favre. And now Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. They are arguably some of the most talented football players out there. But now they’ve got something else in common: They're all morally corrupt.

Big Ben accused of rape. Vick, well, we all know what he did. Favre and the harassing texts. Sanchez and his completely inappropriate relationship with Eliza Kruger, a 17-year-old high school student.

What in the world is going on in the NFL?


These men are committing questionable acts and they don't have to answer for them.

Sure, there was a hubbub for a few weeks after Favre sent those horrible texts. But it all died down and now the biggest news about him is if he’ll return to the Packers again. All he had to do was apologize. Maybe he threw a little cash the woman’s way to get her off his back. He came out of the whole mess relatively unscathed, career intact, kids still looking up to him the world over.

Michael Vick’s crimes were by far more heinous, and he did go to prison. But he was picked back up by the NFL as soon as he got out. His talent on the field was worth more to them than the integrity of the league. And he has fans! How can anyone look up to this man after what he’s done?

Big Ben is just a repeat. Rape, rape, blah blah blah. But wait, he got his team to the Super Bowl again. Poof! All is forgiven!

Now we have Mark Sanchez, who *technically* didn’t do anything wrong. After all, the girl is of legal consenting age, and who knows if he's even gotten her into bed. But, let's face it, any time the balance of power is that far out of whack, someone is wielding serious sway over the other person involved. What high school student wouldn’t turn down a chance with a rich, famous, powerful man? Eliza Kruger might not say no, but Mark Sanchez should.

What is wrong with these people? They go through life virtually untouchable, and it gets in their heads. They actually start to believe that what they are doing is acceptable -- or that if it’s not acceptable, they’ll be forgiven. These men are blinded by their own power, and weakened by it. Something twists around in their brains that makes them think sleeping with a high school student is okay. And we’re partially at fault for constantly giving their lives back to them, untouched. 

Do you think sports stars get away with things other people wouldn't?


Image via Seamus Murray/Flickr

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