Barbie Is Running for President & TBH This Toy Gets Our Vote



Whether you are a staunch Republican, Democrat, or anywhere between and beyond, we're pretty sure you'd vote in favor of Barbie's latest "election-inspired" doll set. Mattel recently launched the set in hopes of inspiring young girls to know the importance of running for office, learning about the democratic system, and stressing the the civil duty of voting.

  • The set includes a Black, female candidate, her campaign manager, her campaign fundraiser, and an essential voter. 

    campaign barbie

    The collection, which includes Barbies of different skin tones and body sizes, has one goal in mind, according to the product description on the site.

    "Their roles are diverse. But when they come together, their impact is monumental!"

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  • This isn't the first time Barbie has hit the campaign trail, though no one can deny how essential it is to have a doll with a Black candidate in this era.

    Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and global head of Barbie & Dolls at Mattel, noted in a statement:

    "Since 1959, Barbie has championed girls and encouraged them to be leaders whether in the classroom, community or someday, of the country. With less than a third of elected leaders in the U.S. being women, and Black women being even less represented in these positions, we designed the Barbie Campaign Team with a diverse set of dolls to show all girls they can raise their voices. Our goal is to remove barriers to leadership by giving girls the tools to imagine and play out their future roles."

  • The toy company partnered with the nonprofit She Should Run, an organization meant to support women who are considering running for office.

    Currently, the organization is a recipient of funds from the Barbie Dream Gap Project, a global initiative that aims to aid girls in building confidence in themselves through resources and support.

  • These motivational dolls are being sold as a set.


    It includes all four dolls, their outfits, and a swath of "successful" accessories so each of these ladies can get the job done.

    The set is currently available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon and retails for $39.99. 

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