Can't Find a Bike Anywhere? Here's the Next Best Thing


First it was toilet paper. Then it was flour and yeast. Now, it's apparently bicycles.

Looking for a bike because you don't want to ride public transportation? Why not? You can't go to the gym either. So why not turn transport into a workout?

Well, everyone is in the same boat. And that's a popular idea. So, yeah, there's a bike shortage.

There's nothing wrong with your plan, though. Why not consider a form of transportation/workout that's more alternative -- and more readily available? In fact, it's on sale!

  • The MorfBoard is weird but fun.

    The MorfBoard (on sale for $89.99) is a skateboard until you wish you had a scooter. Then just switch out the wheels and add the handlebar, and it's a scooter.

    You could keep the extra wheels in your backpack for when the road changes and you want a different ride. 

    Can a bike do that?

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  • Morphing is easy.

    Making the switch from one style of wheel to another is easy, according to reviewers. They snap in and out. But when they are installed, they are solid and fun to ride.

    The handlebar has an adjustable height, too, so this will grow with a child. Or you could borrow you child's MorfBoard when the kiddo is too busy playing video games to notice.

  • There is one problem, though.

    According to some grandparents who bought the MorfBoard for kids who wanted wheels, there is one big problem with it.

    "We have one problem with the board," they complain. "Getting! Them! Off! Of! It!"

    So take that into consideration. You might have to get one for yourself if you ever want to get the chance to use it.

  • It comes in great colors!

    Got more than one kid in need of transportation? The MorfBoard is currently available in three terrific colors, so there will be no confusion: green, gray, and red. They might fight over who gets what color. But once that's settled, everyone will know who belongs on which board.

  • They have indoor accessories, too.

    Sometimes it rains. Or some kids want to get some balance practice in a safe environment. 

    So consider the MorfBoard balance attachment (on sale for $35.99). It can go to the park for outdoor play. But it also work well indoors -- even on a carpet -- for practice and a bit of exercise when going out isn't possible. 

    It fits right into the MorfBoard you already have and gives balance training and a core workout, even when hitting the streets on a skateboard or scooter is out.

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