‘Muted Rainbows’ Are the Latest Nursery Theme Moms Are Obsessed With


Soft, muted colors in a rainbow are a beautiful, calming nursery theme. And moms are turning the idea into beautiful, muted nurseries that are soft and adorable for baby and fun but restful for the children babies become. 

The makers of Etsy have taken this idea and run with it. So if you are looking for a few small elements to push your gently colored nursery to perfection, it's the place to go.

Here are five gorgeous elements to add to your child's room.

  • This rainbow wall decal

    This large stick-on wall decal ($72.40) is so easy. Just stick it to the wall. You can remove it whenever you want without damaging the paint.

    It is a great start to a muted rainbow theme or the final element that will pull a lot of small rainbow touches together into a theme.

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  • Turn her name into art

    Her name is hers. His name is his. This rainbow name sign ($22) makes that constant a piece of lovely art. Hang it on the wall. Set it on a shelf. The colors are soft and pretty. And the name is hand-drawn. It will grow with them and always be theirs.

  • Blocks to blend in with your rainbow theme

    These stackable blocks ($36) teach motor skills as well as other hand-eye coordination skills. They will also look pretty in the nursery, even when strewn across the floor.

    They would make a beautiful gift at a baby shower or a delightful decor element that can also be played with for your own child.

  • A beautiful soft blanket baby will love right through college

    A soft blanket becomes a love object, so why not make it one that's beautiful and deliciously soft?

    Set baby down on this handmade minky quilt ($90) in a soft rainbow of colors, and it will become a comfort and a treasure. It is designed to be washed again and again, so it will probably make the trip to college.

  • A play mat in soft rainbow colors

    Wherever you go, you can set baby down on this muted rainbow play mat ($65) and know that it is clean and familiar territory. When you are both home, this will look lovely in the nursery or on the floor in the living room. And when baby outgrows playing on it, hang it on the wall of the nursery to always offer familiar comfort.

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