Crayola Has Colorful, Adjustable Face Masks for Adults & Kids


Last year, your back-to-school shopping list didn't include "nonmedical face mask." But it sure does this year. And buying a face mask for a child is only the first in a series of hassles you'll have to face in this new school year.

A mask is another thing you'll have to remember. It's another thing to launder. And it's one more thing to keep track of how often it's been worn. In fact, it's important that a face mask be clean, so that last part is important.

Crayola has you covered with an entire weekly system of cute kids' masks ($29 per set) that solves all your hassles around this. 

The masks are cute, sized for children, and a complete system that will get you through every week -- right through laundry day.

  • A different color for every day of the week

    Every set -- including this cute Tip Faces set ($29.99) in this Crayola collection comes with a mask for every day of the week. And they are color-coded so you know if your child is wearing a clean one. "If your mask is red, it must be Tuesday" will become your method for these strange times.

    At the end of every day, stuff the worn mask into the included mesh laundry bag. Choose another color for tomorrow.

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  • These masks are designed to fit kids.

    These double-layer Crayola kids masks are not only Crayola-colored, but they also are sized for small faces. They have a 3D fit that makes them comfortable to wear. There is a nose clip. And the ear straps are adjustable. Just pull the bead for a custom fit.

  • Put a name on them.

    This Crayola Craymoji Colors set ($29.99) is an adorable collection of masks with bright colors and cute characters. But whichever set you choose, each mask comes with a name tag so you can keep track of whose mask is whose. This is great for classrooms. Accidentally wearing someone else's mask sort of defeats the purpose, right?

  • This mesh laundry bag comes with.

    The beauty of these mask sets is that someone else thought up the system for you. All you have to do is follow it.

    Put your child's name on each mask. Put a mask on that child every day. (You could even use a chart for which color is for which day of the week.) Put the used mask in the included laundry bag. Wash. Repeat.

  • Yes, there are sizes for adults.

    It's a great system, right? Why not get a set for yourself, the teacher, your teenager, or any adult who has to wear a mask to work every day.

    The adult sets ($39.99) have all the same features -- 3D fit, adjustable straps, a different color for every day of the week, name tag, and laundry bag -- but are sized for teen and adult faces.

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