This New Take on 'Goodnight Moon' Is the Bedtime Story Kids Need Right Now


There has been a lot of talk about how hard it is to shelter at home and work from home while also homeschooling the kids. And it is hard!

But it's hard for the littlest among us as well. They can't go to school. Their parents are acting weird. No one ever comes to visit. Everyone wears masks. And their friends have all moved into a screen, which -- until recently -- was something Mom and Dad said had a time limit. Confusing!

The book is called Good Morning Zoom, and it's the book kids need right now.
  • Ease your child's anxieties.

    It's hard to explain a thing when you are in the middle of it and a bit scared yourself. But kids don't have the skills or resources adults have.

    Author Lindsay Rechler was concerned about how all this was affecting her own children, so she thought it was time for a book that explained the recent changes to their lives in terms they could understand.

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  • Riffing off of the popular book 'Goodnight Moon,' Rechler's 2020 version addresses the new routines in a funny and relatable way. 

    "This modern twist expresses the emotions young children might be feeling during the global pandemic," noted a press release, according to PopSugar. "Their reality has become isolating with their parents, many of whom are still working from home, and seeing friends and loved ones only through the barrier of a screen. This lyrical portrayal of life during the Coronavirus gives voice and hope to our youngest who are replacing school and hugs with technology."

  • Reviewers gushed over it. 

    "This book really captures the pandemic in the most child friendly way," wrote one reviewer. "Absolutely worth the purchase to ease your child's anxiety and explain the new normal."

    "My 3 yr old loves it!" wrote another reviewer. "So cute and on point."

  • The best part? The paperback book is just $10.

    When packages are arriving every other day to the house anyway, it'll be nice for the kids to get a special one -- and one that might help them make sense of all of this craziness. 

    Good Morning Zoom ($10, Amazon)

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