5 Funny Face Masks That Make Social Distancing a Little More Bearable


Funny mask

Headed out to the store or for a walk in the park? Bring your mask! 

In many places, it's the law. And even where it's not, it's a good idea. So everyone who cares about the health of fellow citizens is stocking up on masks. We've gone from "I need a mask" to "I need a fashionable mask that expresses my savvy ability to accessorize, even in a health crisis."

Sure, an N95 mask is the safest. But those are scarce, and frontline medical workers need them. A good cloth mask helps and is more comfortable, is easier to breathe in, and -- often -- won't fog up your glasses. It also allows you to choose something that makes people laugh. 

Here are some ideas.

  • This guy with a cigar

    Go out into your neighborhood disguised in this cigar-smoking guy mask ($8) and see who recognizes you. It'll be fun. And when people realize it's you, they'll get a big laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for stressful times, right? 

    Not only is this mask hilarious, but it is also breathable and offers UV protection, and you can wash it and wear it over and over again.

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  • This custom mask is you, making a face.

    Make a goofy expression, take a picture, and send the pic to this Etsy shop. They will make you a custom mask from your photo ($20). So you can go out into the world wearing one expression. Behind the mask, you can make any expression you want. But the world will see you smiling, sticking your tongue out, or doing whatever you like. 

    You don't have to have your own face, of course. The image on the mask is entirely up to you.

  • Want a mustache?

    You don't have to grow a mustache. Just wear this handlebar mustache mask ($12.99). Even if you can't grow a mustache, you can wear one to the store. 

    Everyone will chuckle. And you'll know what you'd look like with a silly stash. 

    This mask is thin, lightweight, and hilarious.

  • Tired of people telling you to smile?

    You're on a walk, thinking through a problem, and some stranger says, "Smile!" 

    Are you out here for the enjoyment of random guys? No. You are out here because it's a free world and you need a walk (or something from the store).

    This radiant smile mask ($9.90) is the solution we have needed for years. No need for lipstick. Don't have to slap a pleasant expression on your face. And you won't have to listen to the annoying "Smile!" admonition from strangers. Oh, and your face is covered!

  • Send a message everyone can see.

    There are people out there who clearly did not get the memo on social distancing. They crowd up on you and give you nowhere to go. It's annoying and it's unsafe. 

    This lightweight neck gaiter ($23) sends a clear message. If they can read it, they are too close.

    Neck gaiters are a great way to go, maskwise, too. Keep it around your neck, where it looks like a scarf. Pull it up when you need it. You'll never be without.

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