'Cloudy Dyes' Are Everyone's Summer Obsession & TBH We're Sold


cloudy dye

Tie-dye was to die for in the '60s, and it never really died. But fast-forward to the year that the hippies of the '60s expected to be all flying cars and space travel and you'll discover that we aren't wearing Starfleet uniforms or jet packs. We are all obsessed with an evolved form of tie-dye: cloudy dyes.

It's a gentler, less-saturated, not-so-bright tie dye that doesn't scream Jerry Garcia or, even Cherry Garcia. It's soft, unusual, and looks like it was created while lying in the grass staring at a sunset. It's also super flattering.

It comes on everything from bike shorts to sweatshirts to masks. Here are some cloudy dyes worthy of the obsession.

  • Wrap yourself in this ultra-soft sweatshirt.

    Soft fabric. Soft focus. This is the gentle Sunday hoodie (39.95) you will wear whenever possible. It's a super soft fabric that's been cloud-dyed into a clouds-at-sunset rose color. Everything about it will bring out your boho mood.

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  • Loungewear to live in.

    Roll out of bed in these, wrap hair into a messy bun, work from home. There's no reason, really, to wear anything else. If a stranger comes to the door, throw on a sweatshirt, sure. But the days of sitting in an overly air-conditioned office in a uniform of casual workwear seem to be gone. This is the new outfit: clouds of comfort ($76).

  • Bike shorts are making a comeback.

    Bike shorts are super comfortable. And -- without the padding or shiny Lycra this time -- they are making a huge comeback. This blue cloud pair ($34) is flattering -- the pattern makes everything right -- and comfortable. Embrace this trend!

  • Cloudy masks are so much better than disposable.

    When you cover your face, why not do it with a mask ($11.69) that's soft, calming, and colorful? These aren't N95 medical grade masks, but they are three layers of a cloud-dyed poly-cotton blend that's soft, breathable, and cute. Throw it in the wash and wear it again. 

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