Target Has Looks for the Whole Family for Under $25


sleeveless dress target

Sweaters are so last month. Right now, you want shorts, tees, dresses, sandals, and anything that's easy to wear, cool, and ready for the beach and sun.

Target has you covered. And the prices are well within striking distance.

There's something in Target's new arrivals collection everyone in the family will love. In fact, this stuff is so perfect you'll fill your cart and then wear it all to death. Skip more expensive sales and stock up here.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • This cute and comfy dress is only $12!

    This sleeveless dress ($12) is so cute! And it does not require that you wear heels or any other uncomfortable thing. Just put it on. Step into your Vans and go out the door. Cool, comfy, and only $12? How can you go wrong? 

    Honestly, this dress would even transition to colder weather with a jacket and some boots. Maybe get a couple of them? It comes in black and rust.

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  • Men always need more tees, and these are awesome.

    How do men get away with wearing T-shirts for everything? It's genius. No decision beyond, "What color or graphic am I feeling today?"

    This lightweight cotton blend tee is a great addition to his collection. A plain T-shirt is a bit more formal than something with a dad joke on it. These come in so many terrific colors, and they're only $6 apiece. He probably needs several.

  • Check out this adorable cat-face dress.

    Put your girl in this adorable dress -- with a cat face on the tank top and a tutu skirt -- and watch her spin. She will love it. And when she gets over how cute she is in it, she'll be comfortable enough to get through the entire day and then fall asleep in it. Just $14.99.

  • Space ... the final frontier.

    There are so many great tees for boys in Target's new arrivals that it's hard to choose. But if your boy is a bit of a space cadet -- Where are those shoes? Was someone talking to me? -- then you might get a laugh out of this space tee. Even if his head is never lost in space, it's instructional. It explains the phases of the moon. It glows in the dark. And it's only $6.

  • Baby will be so cute you won't be able to go out.

    Take baby to the beach in this crab bucket hat ($9.99) and you will be swarmed by people who just can't stand how cute she is without getting a closer look. "Is that a baby in a crab hat? I can't even!"

    It keeps the sun off her head and face, too.

    And there are outfits to go with. You can only dress her without facing an argument from her for a little while. Have fun with it.

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