5 Snazzy Stud Earrings for Moms With Grabby Toddlers 


One day, your adorable sprout is a complacent infant. Before you know it, she goes from malleable and content to sit in your lap, ride on your hip, and slumber in a infant carrier to clutching your hoop earrings in a death grip while you scream for help. 

Welcome to the world of holding a toddler. It's a different world from carrying an infant. Hoop earrings are out. Dangling earrings are a hazard. Even long hair can get you in trouble.

The earrings, though, are easy to fix. It's time to buy some snazzy stud earrings so you can have your bling and hold your baby, too.

Here are five options to tempt you.

  • This three-pair set.

    This set of like-looking Kenzy studs ($18) are great to mix and match, wear together, or switch out at will. They are handmade from polymer clay, pretty, inexpensive, and too tiny for baby to grab.

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  • Something blue ...

    Choose a style from this collection of natural turquoise studs and you won't miss your hoops. Set in gold and gorgeous, the stones are hand chosen and matched. You choose your pair ($32.30) from 12 color and pattern types.  

  • A pretty burst of sun.

    These Brass Boho Sunburst studs ($15.98) put a pretty, gold, sunny day right on your ears to brighten your outlook without giving your tot anything to torture you with. 

  • Gold leaves for a hint of nature.

    Embrace nature by wearing the delicate beauty of a feathery leaf. These Gold Leaf studs ($19.41) are tiny and delicate. 

  • Go minimal.

    These minimal silver circle and bar studs ($15.18) are an easy way to wear some light bling. They would be great in a line of earrings or on their own. Made from a quality silver and shipped from Canada, they will be a beautiful addition to your collection.

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