Over 4,000 People Are Obsessed With This Facial Cleanser & It's Dirt Cheap Today


If you've been coveting an expensive facial cleansing brush but hesitating to spend the money, listen up. Today there's an amazing deal at Amazon on the Pixnor Waterproof Face Spin Brush.

This brush comes with seven styles of brush heads that address a wide range of skin issues, from makeup removal to facial exfoliation to clearing up bumpy skin on your body.

People -- including professional aestheticians -- are obsessed with this brush.

And apparently it's on sale  for only $21.99. Hurry! This is going fast. 

  • Better than more expensive facial brushes

    It has several soft facial cleansing brushes that gently remove makeup and exfoliate. But it also has a massage head to help you turn your shower or bath into a relaxation spa and a pumice to address rough skin anywhere on your body.

    "This is better than far more expensive brands that I've used over the years," writes one reviewer. "The multiple cleansing heads and brushes are great."

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  • It's waterproof! Take it in the shower.

    This facial brush is completely waterproof, so you can leave it in the shower. It's also battery operated, so you don't have to find space in your bathroom for a charging station. Just replace the batteries occasionally.

    "This has become my favorite face wash, and it may be my favorite product this year!" raves another reviewer. "My intention was to use it as a daily [facial] cleaning but it also cleans my body."

  • The path to a clearer complexion

    Facial exfoliation is often the missing ingredient in people's skin care regimen. And it's the thing that clears up pores, prevents breakouts, and helps skin absorb serums and moisturizers. Using scrubs for this task is risky, because many of them are too abrasive or have plastics that get into our water.

    This facial brush is a greener, easier way to exfoliate.

    "I was surprised how much extra makeup it took off," writes a reviewer. "My complexion has improved greatly by adding this into my skincare routine."

  • 7 styles of clean

    The seven brush heads are a real advantage over other -- more expensive -- facial brush systems. There are three levels of a soft facial brush. Use the softest for daily cleansing and to efficiently remove makeup. And use the deep-cleansing, exfoliating brush less often. 

    Got a headache? Pull out the massage head and relax. Got some rough spots on your arms or chest? Use the pumice head.

    "I like the 7 different options it has for cleaning/exfoliating," writes one reviewer. "It's gentle, works amazing and really cleans my face well."

  • Two speeds for custom cleansing

    This facial brush also has two speeds so you can dial up the level of clean or exfoliation you need. If your skin is sensitive, you don't have to worry about irritating it. Just use the low speed. If your skin is oily and needs an extra boost of clean, take it up to high.

    What are you waiting for? A facial cleansing system this effective is unlikely to be this cheap again!

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