This Funny MIL Candle Is Perfect for MILs With a Sense of Humor


Before he was the father of your children, he was someone else's baby. And let's be honest: You are living with the decisions that person -- your mother-in-law -- made while raising him.

Raising a human from concept to adult is no small feat. And your MIL did all that hard work. You know exactly how hard that is. Why not laugh about it?

This "I'm Sorry You Had To Raise My Husband" ($16.99) candle acknowledges the weirdness of this unique relationship. You don't get to choose your mother-in-law. But you did choose, as a partner, a person she brought into this world. 

You've already thanked her by finding him. Why not get conspiratorial?

  • Behind the joke is a lovely soy candle.

    The joke is only skin deep on this candle ($16.99). In the jar there is a beautiful hand-poured soy candle your MIL will love. 

    Choose the scent she will like -- whether she's a fresh laundry clean scent lover or someone who wants to enjoy the smell of sugar cookies or blueberry cobbler. You have a range of tempting options.

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  • Combine it with this acknowledgment so she feels your meaning.

    If you aren't 100% sure she'll laugh at the joke, combine it with something earnest so she knows you appreciate her efforts and adore the results of all that hard work.

    This "Mothers Are Like Candles. They Light the Way" ($16.99) candle cannot be misconstrued. 

    It, too, is a beautiful soy candle with a long list of scent options. 

    If one candle is nice, two is even better, right?

  • And include this card.

    Wrap everything up and include this "Thanks for Not Selling My Husband to the Circus" ($8.90) card. You and your MIL can laugh about all the times both of you considered selling your husband to a circus and pat each other on the back for getting through it.

    Hopefully, he will be outside tending the barbecue for all of this. Or, if you're lucky, he has a terrific sense of humor.

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