Moms: Father's Day Is This Sunday & Luckily Target Has Curbside Pickup


Left Father's Day gifting for the last minute? Not to fret. There's no need to stand in long lines, craft something yourself, or make excuses. Target has what you need. And you can enjoy the new hybrid of online and in-store shopping: curbside pickup. 

It's the best of both worlds. 

You can shop from your phone, computer, couch, or desk. And when you've made up your mind and placed an order, drive over and pick it up. No need to get out of the car or wait for delivery.

Here are some gifts we know Dad will love.

  • Obviously he's hankering to play the ukulele.

    Give him a bit of whimsy and a hobby all rolled into this funny -- and fun -- "Learn To Play Ukulele" kit ($39.99).

    He'll be strumming out tunes in no time. The ukulele is fairly easy to play and portable enough to take anywhere. And this kit comes with lessons (on DVD).

    It'll be fun for him and hilarious for you.

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  • Every retro-loving dad wants this radio.

    He loves everything retro, right? But he also has every app on his phone that no one else has ever heard of?

    This. Radio. Is. Perfect! 

    It looks -- and is! -- like a retro AM/FM radio, complete with old-school dials and an antenna. All of that works just like personal stereos of yore. And it's branded Studebaker, which is also cool. But it also works as a wired speaker for a phone or tablet.

    In all seriousness, though. An AM/FM radio is good to have on hand for emergencies. Why not have one that looks cool and that you can use every day?

  • Does Dad enjoy a cold beer?

    If he likes a beer (or soda) -- and he likes it cold -- he will love this vacuum-insulated beverage chiller. Just open a can or bottle, put it in this Zak 3-in-1 cooler ($9.99), and it will stay cold for hours. No can or bottle? Just remove the top and it's a vacuum-insulated mug.

  • A manly apron for BBQing

    Save him the trouble of changing out of his nice clothes before hitting the grill by giving him an apron that looks something like a blacksmith would wear ($19.98). In fact, it's so well made that a blacksmith would probably be happy to wear it.

    It comes with loops for his tools, pockets for his phone and flashlight, and matching hot mitts. Bonus: You get to keep the kitchen tools in the kitchen.

  • Big Bear. Little Bear. The cuteness is too much to bear!

    If you can get dad and cub to wear these two shirts ($8 for dad's; $6 for cub's) at the same time, the cuteness will be more than you can take. 

    They will love it, too. Whatever else you get him for Dad's Day, get these, too.

  • This hook-and-ring game will become an obsession.

    First, it's a small project. Find a place to mount this hook-and-ring game ($19.99) so that everyone in the family can play it when having a gathering or killing a few minutes.

    Then it will become an obsession. And it's an obsession that does not involve a computer screen or the news. So it's calming while it builds hand-eye coordination. 

    When you aren't playing, it takes up almost no space and is visually appealing.

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