20 Ways for Kids To Rock Their 'Pride'

Mandy Velez | Jun 12, 2020 Shop
20 Ways for Kids To Rock Their 'Pride'
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June is Pride month. Though the pandemic has caused many parades and other Pride festivities to be canceled, that doesn't mean that people can't show their support. In fact, it just means everyone can show their support and allyship in new ways, especially kids. Whether the love someone who is in the LGBTQA+ community or part of it themselves, parents can support their kids in showing off their pride

So how can they do that? We'll leave the tattoos to the parents, but we did come up with a few ideas. Of course, there are fun t-shirts, but there's also jewelry and rainbow shoes (cough, cough Vans) and even adorable trans rights bandannas and "Guncle" baby onesies. And of course, we included lots of rainbows. Whatever way kids want to express themselves, we tried to find items or accessories that can make it happen. 

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  • Love Wins T-Shirt


    Sometimes the simplest messages are the strongest messages. This Love Wins rainbow T-shirt for kids does the job. It's $16 from Red Bubble, a printed clothing company. This one comes in many different background colors and sizes from newborn to 24 months.

    Love Wins Child T-Shirt ($16, Redbubble)

  • National March of Pride Fist Kids T-Shirt


    Pride and the urgency for human rights for black people happened to coincide during the same month this year, June. This National March of Pride Power Fist T-shirt is a mix of that and a positive show of intersectional solidarity.  

    National March of Pride Fist Kids T-Shirt ($16, Redbubble)

  • Rainbow Sparkle Headband


    Pride can be cute and fun, too, just like this rainbow sparkle headband. Kids can wear this headband pretty much everywhere and even not during Pride to show their support for the LGBT community. It's affordable, too.

    Rainbow Sparkle Headband ($6, Target)

  • Transgender Flag Bandanna


    Transgender rights are LGBTQ rights, that's what the T stands for. But it's trans folks who are often forgotten. Have kids celebrate themselves or others with a trans flag bandanna. This one is super inexpensive.

    Transgender Flag Bandana ($3, Target)

  • Protect Trans Kids T-Shirt


    Speaking of protecting trans rights, this T-shirt brings attention to trans kids, who are an incredibly vulnerable group, especially transgender kids of color. This "Protect Trans Kids" T-shirt is a great way to do that in the trans colors.

    Protect Trans Kids T-Shirt ($16, Redbubble)

  • Rainbow Striped Bandanna


    Bandannas are a fun, stylish, and easy way to show support but have some fun with Pride, too, especially for kids. These come in a pack of two from Target and are variations of a rainbow. One is striped and the other solid colors.

    Rainbow Striped Bandana ($5, Target)

  • 'Be You' Pride T-Shirt


    For kids who are proud of who they are and want to show it during Pride month, or any time, we recommend this awesome "Be You" T-shirt with the letters surrounded by the colors of the rainbow flag. 

    'Be You' Pride T-Shirt ($10, Target)

  • I Love My Guncle One-Piece


    Yes, even babies can show pride and this baby onesie is one of our favs. It reads "I love my Guncle" aka "I love my Gay Uncle" in rainbow lettering and it's sure to get some love and laughs while worn. It comes in several colors and with either short or long sleeves.

    I Love My Guncle One-Piece ($18, Redbubble)

  • Rainbow Balloon 


    It's really hard to go wrong with a balloon, which is why we're suggesting it as a fun way for kids to show off their pride or show their allyship. This rainbow balloon from Target is guaranteed to make people smile.

    Rainbow Balloon ($6, Target) 

  • Rainbow Heart Stickers


    Another thing that adults can't go wrong with when it comes to kids? Stickers! And what better way for them to show and celebrate Pride than with heart rainbow stickers. A whole row is just $10 from Fundraising for a Cause.

    Rainbow Heart Stickers ($10, Fundraising for a Cause)

  • Ice Cream Pride Flag Toddler Kids T-Shirt


    T-shirts are classic summer clothing. They can be personalized and can spread positive messages without the wearer having to say anything, which is perfect for littler kids. This one is extra special. It's a rainbow ice cream cone kids tee. 

    Ice Cream Pride Flag Toddler Kids T-Shirt ($16, Etsy)

  • Orly Rainbow Nail Polish


    Nail polish is one of the ways kids, tweens, and teens can show their color and style choices and we found the perfect polish for them to use for Pride this year. Enter the Orly Rainbow polish, which is is filled with rainbow-colored glitters in a clear base.

    Rainbow Orly Nail Polish ($9.50, Orly)

  • Rainbow Earrings


    Earrings are another form of self-expression and a great way to show Pride for the older kids out there who are looking for more ways to be extra colorful. These rainbow dangle earrings are inexpensive but so, so cute.

    Rainbow Earrings ($13, Etsy)

  • Rainbow Disney Collection Headband


    Disney, when it opens up again, is the perfect place to show off Pride. It's the happiest place on Earth and should be accepting of everyone. Have the kids sport this Disney Collection rainbow Minnie Mouse Ear Headband. 

    Rainbow Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Ear Headband ($30, Disney)

  • Toms Unity Love Is Love Print 


    Shoes are another amazing way to show off style and Pride -- and not just during June but all year. These Unity "Love is Love" printed rainbow Toms were made especially for the occasion. As with all purchases from the brand, a significant part goes to charity.

    UNITY Love Is Love Print Toms ($60, Toms)

  • Rainbow Jansport Backpack


    Why go for boring solid-color backpacks when kids can have a rainbow one? Well, a black bag with a rainbow zip pouch. They can take it while playing outside, sleeping over friends' houses, or to school in the fall. 

    Rainbow Jansport Backpack ($42, Jansport)

  • Rainbow Vans


    Speaking of kids and shows, it wouldn't be a full list of Pride accessories without having these rainbow Vans on the docket. Kids love them and these were made to show off the amazing colors of the rainbow. 

    Rainbow Vans ($35, Vans)

  • Pride Sign Language T-Shirt


    Pride is about celebrating the LGBTQ community but also about celebrating the members of that community who are unique. Enter this awesome Pride t-shirt that says the word in sign language rainbow colors.

    Pride Sign Language T-Shirt ($19, CafePress)

  • Pride Bracelet


    For kids who want a simple or subtle show of solidarity, we found these rainbow Pride bracelets from Fundraising for a Cause. The rubber accessory says "Pride" in all-caps and has a mesh of tie-dye style colors. 

    Pride Bracelet ($5, Fundraising for a Cause)

  • A Charitable Donation in Their Name


    Sometimes it's not all about sporting T-shirts or cool accessories, although that is a great way to show support. It's also a good idea to teach kids that giving to charity is a way to be an ally as well. The Trevor Project helps youth in the LGBTQ community and a great charity to start with.

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