Five Father's Day Cards That Specifically Work for 2020


We are living in the strangest of times. Despite this, Father's Day will go on. And we will find a way to make dad jokes about it. Are you with me?

To that end, we tracked down some Father's Day cards that are worth saving. Each of them reflects the world we find ourselves in as we try to express how much we appreciate the one good dad our kids -- or we -- are lucky to have.

There is something here that will speak to you -- and to him -- and give him something he can put in his scrapbook and -- hopefully -- look back on from easier times in the future.

  • A good dad is hard to find.

    There is so much truth here. And if you are lucky enough to have found an amazing father for your kids, bathe in it. Or at least put some hand sanitizer on it. Because that's pretty hard to find, too.

    But, by all means, let him know he is worth more than the liquid gold that hand sanitizer has become with this handmade card ($4.59) from Etsy.

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  • You are so much better than Carole Baskin!

    She might have fed her man to the tigers. You would never do that to the father of your children. No matter how many times you threatened while watching Tiger King. That was just a joke, and pandemic stress, and WFH anxiety. Right?

    This funny Joe Exotic card ($5.30) makes all of this crystal clear. In case there was any doubt. I mean, do you even have tigers?

  • Will Alexa do that?

    This card is onto something. Can I really just get my AI to handle this whole Dad's Day card thing for me just by screaming -- over the sound of bread kneading, cooking, and child care while I WFH -- to send him a card?

    Next best thing, this Father's Day card ($3.93) that says I considered doing just that.

  • Is it surprising that we never ran out of beer?

    We ran out of a lot of things. Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, flour, patience, and time. But we never ran out of beer. Should we see that as a conspiracy or just be glad that we always had a beer to hand dad after we survived another day?

    It's easier to go with the latter plan and, on Father's Day, hand him this card ($4.25) that says we are glad we never ran out of beer. But we are even happier that we have a dad like him to hand one to.

  • When warriors can also be (good) dads.

    There was a time when if a samurai warrior type ended up doing child care (as in the Mandalorian), any movie on the topic would find it hilarious. But the Mandalorian got it together and brought all of his skills to the task of taking care of that cute baby.

    We aren't laughing at him. We are loving it that he stepped up. Same with our actual, real-life dads. This is a big job. It calls for ninja-level skills. Got one like that? Lucky, lucky, lucky!

    Give him this Yoda Best Dad card ($4.45) so he knows you get it.

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