20 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Mandy Velez | Jun 8, 2020 Shop
20 Black-Owned Businesses to Support
Image: the honey pot

the honey pot
the honey pot

There is nothing more important in our world right now than making sure that Black Lives Matter. Black lives has been disregarded for a long time and it's time to stand up again systemic racism. But it isn't just about protesting, although that makes up a large part of the fight. It's also about making the world more inclusive to people of color. And making sure their voices, ideas, and livelihoods are heard and respected. 

An easy way to be an ally right now? Start buying from black-owned businesses. There are tons of black-owned businesses being circulated right now and it's sad how many amazing ones there are who have yet to get the attention they deserve. It has to end. Click through to check out some of our favorite businesses. Their products range from books to beauty to self-care items to fitness wear. And all are founded and run by black people in the US. Some products are specifically for black people in fact, but all can be appreciated by the rest of us, any time. Today is a good day to start.

  • HRLMGIRL Apparel


    Standing for black lives doesn't have to just be online. It can also be a clothing as seen by this T-shirt line called GRMLGIRL Apparel founded by a black woman from Harlem, New York. This tee in particular matches the times and says "We Made America Great." Proceeds from sales of this shirt donated to a bail-out fund called Act Blue Charities.

    We Made America Great ($25, HRLMGIRL Apparel)

  • The Honey Pot


    When people think about "clean" or "organic" beauty brands, they often think of Honest Company among others, but allow us to introduce The Honey Pot. It's a company founded by Bea Dixon that specializes in 100% natural feminine care products. 

    Normal Wash ($10, The Honey Pot)

  • Threee Chic


    There are plenty of jewelry shops out there, but Philly-based Threee Chic is one of our favorites. Founder and artist Brianna M. specialize in chic, handmade, dangly-style earrings, many of which have a gold touch. Her models are women of all backgrounds, but many women of color. 

  • The Idea Girl