Here Are 5 Quirky Gifts for Father's Day Under $50



The annual "what to get Dad" angst fest is underway. There's no hope of getting any hints from him. He seems to have everything he needs. And ties are definitely out.

The easy -- and fun -- solution? Go quirky. Get him something he doesn't know he wants because it's so weird he doesn't know it exists. Look like you scoured the world for it. But you don't have to. Because I did all the work.

Here are five weird AF gifts for Dad that he will absolutely love. And he won't see any of them coming.

  • This spy pen that's also 4 other things.

    Sure, it's a pen. And it'll be his pen ($25) so no one will fight him over that. But it's also a screwdriver and a capacitive touch stylus he can use on his phone or to sign checkout kiosks. It's a level. It's a ruler. And it has a clip so he can clip it into his nerdy pocket protector. (You might need to get him one of those. That would be funny.)

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  • Save him all those trips indoors for more beer.

    When dad heads outside to soak up some vitamin D and have a beer, he has to go back in for another cold one so often! This bag will save him from that fate. It holds six beers safely, keeps them all cold, and comes with a bottle opener attached. This is a man bag ($30) he'll carry.

  • Socks with a message.

    End his sock-search frustrations by changing the way he sees socks forever. These have his name on them. Or they have a message of your choosing. Maybe come up with a phrase that describes his awesome role as dad? You can have two different messages -- one at the ankle, one on the toe -- printed on each sock, as long as your message fits the character limits. You get five pairs for $50.

  • For the dad who's nuts.

    Are you always telling him he's nuts? Put a snack where his mouth is, and make it nuts! These are beer and bourbon nuts, so he's gonna love them. These kettle-cooked cashews, peanuts, and almonds ($30) are infused with Irish stout, Jamaican lager, and bourbon, and they come in a fancy tin. Yum!

  • An everyday carry he can wear on a date.

    He wants to carry his EDC everywhere, especially out on a date. Because what if that's the time he needs to rescue you and he has no tools? If dressing up for a date makes him fret because it means he has to go out with the one he most wants to show his heroism to unarmed, this is the solution. 

    It's an EDC disguised as jewelry. A bracelet that's also multifunctional knife ($40) with a flat-head screwdriver on its tip.

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