Learn To Play the Guitar From Home for Just $30

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What makes a cool parent? Depending on your generation, something as simple as allowing rock music in the house was what made a parent cool. Nowadays, music genres aren’t limited to certain generations, and what makes a parent stand out is being able to make music. This discounted guitar lesson bundle will teach you to play from home, so you can jump in and jam with any song, anytime. 

Bluegrass, blues, and jazz guitar are the foundations of many top genres today. The bundle will teach you technique, theory, and mastery of each to take you from a beginner to expert guitar player over just nine courses -- but no rush, this deal gives you access to lessons on your own time. 

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your guitar-playing kid, the strumming course will quickly teach you to count, tap, read, write, and strum rhythm guitar, while you admire the beautiful melodies your kid riffs. You’ll even learn to take a turn yourself with the course in advanced jamming and soloing. The lesson will teach you to jam over any key, chord progression, or tempo; or jam alone by playing chords and solos simultaneously like a pro blues guitarist. 

If you’re trying to keep up with a talented, self-taught kid, you‘ll likely come away from this course with something to teach them. Tabs offer an easy way to learn songs, but this course starts with theory and ear training, which isn’t often taught outside of university music programs. Ear training will teach you to properly identify relative notes, intervals, and pitch on the guitar, and guitar theory will help you understand their relationship in chords, rhythms, arpeggios, scales, and more to learn songs by ear.

Surprise the family with your shredding, or make it an activity to learn together. The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle is offering 59 hours of training for $29. That’s a 98% discount for the priceless look on your kid's face when you bust out your first surprise solo. 

The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle -- $29

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