'Cooking Kits' Are the Perfect Solution to the Dinnertime Blues


cooking kit

There comes a point in every effort to put dinner on the table daily when the bickering starts. Next up? The person to whom this enormous task typically falls goes on strike. 

Then the bad food, shocking kitchen disasters no one wants to clean up, and helpless cries of "I can't cook! You do it!" start. (This is typically from a spouse. The kids are usually willing to step up, but the meal might involve cookies or Play-Doh.)

We live in trying times. But one thing we have that other generations did not have are cooking kits. If there are tears, destroyed pans, and situations where the cleanup requires emergency services, it is time to employ one of these.

  • The learn-to-cook-Indian meal kit.

    One problem with the cooking always falling to the same person is inspiration. You have to know how to cook a thing before you can cook it. And learning takes time and energy. You can buy that inspiration. This Cook an Indian Feast at Home ($49.17) kit is exactly that.

    It includes all the hard-to-find spices and pantry items you need as well as the instructions to put an Indian feast on your regular rotation. Yum! 

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  • Get out of the kitchen!

    Barbecuing is not just for Memorial Day. It's a great option for weeknight dinners. The grill master gets a little "me time," the regular chef gets a night off, and everyone gets fed. Does your griller need inspiration to do something other than burgers?

    This Grilling Planks Sampler ($24.99) will do the job. Put fish, chicken, or anything else on one of a selection of wooden planks -- western red cedar, alder, cherry, maple, hickory, or red oak -- and enjoy.

  • Add some exotic spice.

    Always wanted to learn to cook African or Middle Eastern food? Don't know where to get the spices? Here they are! All packaged together to start you off on this culinary adventure.

    This African & Middle East Spice Set ($19.19) from Spice Kitchen has all the spices those recipes call for. And they are marvelous fresh spices, so your efforts will not be wasted on bland results.

  • Instant homemade soup.

    This 3-Pack of Homestyle Taste ($27) soup mixes is so much better and not much more difficult  than opening a can. 

    Just add water or milk and heat and you'll be eating yummy soup in minutes. It's homemade. It's just made in SherriLynn's home in Minnesota. She knows how.

  • Make your own kimchi.

    Making spicy, sour, and crunchy kimchi like you get in your favorite Korean restaurant is all a matter of knowing how and having the ingredients. Here is the know-how and the ingredients in one easy-to-acquire kit. 

    This Kimchi-Making Kit ($19.95) has everything you need. 

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