This Amazing Deal on Millions of Stock Photos Makes Your Life Easier


Parenting doesn’t leave much time for fluff. There’s limited time for happy hours, salon days, and even breakfast. If you’re a blogger, web designer, or marketer, there’s definitely no time to capture original photography. Luckily, JumpStory is offering a discounted lifetime membership to their authentic stock photography, and it comes with some serious time-saving perks.

JumpStory hosts over 25 million images, illustrations, vector icons, and videos; but their artificial intelligence that sorts through it all for you is the icing on this cake. The artificial intelligence (AI) will take any search term you provide, even a sentence directly from your content, and identify authentic assets to pair with it. With just one click, you can edit photos to remove the background or edit further with text inserts, contrast adjustment, logo additions, and more. 

There’s no manual for parenting, but apparently there’s one for identifying the best-performing assets. JumpStory’s AI will identify which assets it predicts will perform best with a small orange HighJumper symbol. Some of the variables it looks for are relevance and authenticity; JumpStory’s state-of-the-art search functionality sorts by location, color, style, and format to recommend the most authentic stock asset.

Working parents are lucky if they make it through 20 minutes of work without interruption. The lifetime membership guarantees no rush to complete a task in one sitting; favorite images can be saved in a smart archive to access later. It’s too bad the same functionality isn’t available for human brains -- imagine never losing your train of thought every time a kid needs a piece of cheese or a ride somewhere. 

Easy is a magic word for parents, and JumpStory is an easy stock photography resource. It includes authentic-looking photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, and icons without high-cost or complex licensing terms. The JumpStory lifetime membership is currently on sale for $99.99, but act fast, before your kid pops in with a need that makes you miss this limited time offer. 

JumpStory™ Authentic Stock Photography: Lifetime Membership - $99.99

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