Target Celebrates Pride Month With a Moving (& Inclusive) Collection That Has Something for Everyone



Target launched a collection of clothing that encourages everyone in the family -- even the pets -- to wear their pride right on their sleeves just in time for Pride Month.

Rainbow colors, bold proclamations, and awesome style are a great combo in this collection that includes some super-cute dresses, T-shirts for everyone's wardrobe, swimsuits, and more.

Don't sit on the sidelines. Don't be shy. Be proud! Wear your support, your preference, and your pronoun in one of these cute outfits.

  • Tell it like it is in this tank for adults.

    Don't let everyone wonder which way you lean! Tell it like it is! This is Pride Month. This Pride Gender Inclusive Adult Bisexual Graphic Tank Top ($10) channels the bi pride flag in 60% cotton and blue, pink, and purple stripes.

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  • Get up everybody and sing!

    Your toddler is going further into the future than the rest of us. Why not help your little one get started on advocating for inclusivity in that future? This Pride Gender Inclusive Toddler's We Are Family Graphic T-Shirt with its cute rainbow-flag heart is a great start. 

    Warning: You might find yourself with a Sister Sledge song stuck in your head when worn.

  • Dinosaurs and pride

    You might want to buy this adorable Pride Gender Inclusive Kids Dino Hoodie ($20) in a size for now and a size for later, because gear this cute and on-brand for your tot does not come along that often. 

    Rainbow dinosaur scales start at the hood and go all the way down the back. The trim at the bottom is rainbow striped. There are eyes on the hood, so it quickly converts from a warm layer to a costume. This is kids clothing as it should be.

  • Authentic pride is the healthy kind.

    When you are authentically proud of your authentic self, you are exhibiting a healthy (not hubristic) form of self-esteem. This is healthy! And it leads to successful personal relationships. It also means you are making choices that honor your authentic self, and you know what? Anyone brave enough to do that should be proud. This is hard work!

    It's only one word. But it carries so much meaning. This Pride Gender Inclusive Adult Transgender Pride ($13) shirt wears that word with pride.

  • This is our family jewel.

    Sister Sledge said it, right? This little toddler is the family jewel, and we are family! Everyone can see we're together when we walk on by and the whole crew -- even the littlest -- is wearing this "We Are Family" heart flag. 

    This Pride Gender Inclusive We Are Family Baby Bodysuit ($5) is adorable. Get one on that baby STAT!

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