18 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women Going Through IVF

Devan McGuinness | May 28, 2020 Shop
18 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women Going Through IVF
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IVF gift ideas for women

Going though IVF is a really stressful time for hopeful parents. Everyone says that trying to get pregnant should be easy, but for so many couples, it's anything but. It's riddled with stress, doctor appointments, financial woes, and hormones that surge through the body in an attempt to jump-start the process.

Taking care of mental and physical health while going through IVF is an important part of the process. There are many ways couples can safeguard their health and relationship while going through this stressful time. And there are ways that friends and family can help, too.

Having someone who understands, or at the least acknowledges how hard the process is, will make a huge difference to the hopeful mama. If there's someone going through IVF in a circle of friends, we've rounded up some ways to help.

Here are 18 gift ideas for women who are in the process of IVF. These can help bring a little comfort and a lot of love while she navigates this stressful time.

  • Lavender Candle


    Calming scents have a huge impact on our stress levels and lavender is one that's said to help promote calm. Gifting a candle helps promote de-stressing and self-care. We love this one from the OG candle company, Yankee Candle.

    Yankee Candle in Lavender ($20, Amazon)

  • A Funny Mug


    If the person that is receiving the gift has a sense of humor, this mug is a great way to give her a smile. It pokes gentle fun a the IVF process, and it can help the person feel seen. We love this one.

    Fertilized Eggs Mug ($15, Amazon

  • Transfer Day T-Shirt


    Transfer day is stressful, and it's the day so many families are hoping with all their fingers and toes crossed will go well. This T-shirt is a comforting way to bring those hopes and good vibes to transfer day.

     Transfer Day T-Shirt ($26, BittyandBoho/Etsy)

  • Warrior Necklace


    Having something to look at and hold while going through the retrievals and transfers, and when waiting for the pregnancy test, is a valuable thing. This gorgeous warrior necklace shows the fight and power women who go through IVF have.

    Warrior Necklace ($34, BellaAndBlush/Etsy

  • A Journal


    Having a journal to keep all the thoughts, appointments, questions that are wanting to be asked at the next appointment is invaluable This journal is specifically for women who are going through IVF and is a great gift idea. 

     IVF Journey Journal ($8, Amazon)

  • A Care Package


    This care package has everything that could be needed for the friend or family member going through IVF. It has a personalized pouch to carry all the meds, a personalized reusable water bottle, a cold pack for needle punctures, and some other trinkets. This care package comes with it all in one easy-to-mail gift.

    IVF/IUI Care Package ($40, CraftyholicAnonymous/Etsy)

  • A Good Book


    There are a lot of appointments to wait for when going through IVF and to help pass that time, a great book is a perfect gift. Giving a book, like Hilariously Infertile: One Woman's Inappropriate Quest to Help Women Laugh Through Infertility written by Karen Jeffries ($19.95) is a way to connect a friend with a story that she can relate to, and hopefully laugh along the way.

    Hilariously Infertile: One Woman's Inappropriate Quest to Help Women Laugh Through Infertility ($16, Amazon)

  • Pineapple Bandages


    For the IVF community, pineapples are a symbol of women going through IVF struggles. These pineapple bandages can be used to bring a smile to a friend's face, while actually providing a useful way to help with the needle punctures or other medical needs. 

    Pineapple Bandages ($6, Amazon)

  • IVF Got This T-Shirt


    Another motivational T-shirt, this one isn't necessarily tied to the transfer day, but a much-needed mantra that an IVF mama needs. We love that this one is subtle, but powerful in its pineapple yellow color. 

    IVF Got This T-Shirt ($19, IVFGotThis/Etsy)

  • Lucky Socks


    Anything helps when trying to hold on to hope that IVF is going to work and bring the family that is so desperately wanted. These adorable IVF success socks are exactly what's needed to give the good vibes, plus they keep those feet warm in the office.

     Lucky Retrieval Socks ($10, BloomsnRooms/Etsy

  • A Coloring Book


    We know that coloring books for adults can help reduce stress. This pineapple is a comforting symbol for many mamas going through infertility and IVF, and this book, is a great idea for those long wait times at the office.

    The Be a Pineapple Adult Coloring Book ($9, Amazon)

  • A Little Hope in a Bracelet


    Having hope is so important and yet it can seem so fleeting at times while going through IVF. These gorgeous bracelets are a subtle but powerful way to remind a friend that there is hope everywhere. This one will go with any outfit and is tiny but mighty.

    Heart IVF Hope Bracelet ($9, TheWishGifts/Etsy )

  • A Key Chain From Sisters


    When going through IVF, there's a real community of other hopeful moms who are struggling at the same time. The community of support and love in these places is incredible, and when one is down, the rest will lift her up. This key chain, is a symbol of that.

    Sisters By Heart Key Chain ($9, Amazon

  • Infertility Stickers


    Whether a friend likes to journal, scrapbook, or keep a diary, these removable stickers work for any format. It's hard to find stickers for these situations that aren't just happy pregnancy vibes, and so they don't work for everyone. These are so fitting for people undergoing IVF.

    IVF/Fertility Stickers ($4, PlannerBomb/Etsy

  • Heating Pad


    Going through IVF isn't only emotionally draining, but it can be painful, too. Things like egg retrievals can be uncomfortable procedures and that's where a heating pad will come in handy. This one is a great size to get to soothe all those sore spots.

    Sunbeam Heating Pad ($20, Amazon)

  • Vitamins


    We know that taking care of the body during IVF is important for helping things move along in the right direction. These vitamins are an easier way to get the important nutrients without needing to swallow a large pill.

    Pink Stork Fertility Sweets ($12, Amazon) 

  • Affirmation Cards


    Positivity can go a long way and while it's not at the center of IVF treatments working or not, positive affirmations are a way to reduce stress and stay hopeful. These fertility affirmations seem just right for the two week wait -- the time after transfer and waiting to find out if the fertilized egg is growing into a baby.

    Fertility Affirmation Cards ($9, BloomClosetCo/Etsy

  • Baby Dust Trinket


    Baby dust is a phrase that people use in a way to sprinkle good vibes for a pregnancy to another person. This adorable baby dust trinket is a sweet way to show a friend that baby dust vibes are being thrown into the world for her, and something to hold on to as well.

    Baby Dust Trinket ($11, SoulCysterCreations/Etsy )

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