Crayola Is Launching Skin Tone-Inspired Crayons & It's Super Inclusive


You will never have to explain to your crayon-obsessed child again why it's so hard to make her drawings of people look like the actual people she knows. Crayola has launched a skin-tone-inspired collection that represents all the people of the world. 

Just drop it in your cart at Walmart, open the box into her enormous crayon kit, and she will find the colors that look like everyone in her life she might want to draw.

  • There are hair and eye colors, too.

    Not only does the Colors of the World ($1.77) collection include a wide array of skin tones, but it also includes eight classic colors for coloring eyes and hair, bringing the crayon total to 32. 

    It's a terrific addition to your child's coloring kit, especially if she's fond of drawing people. 

    No more orange hair or trying to mix browns and pinks to get something that looks like faces. She will love the subtle range this brings to her art.

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  • You can preorder it now.

    This collection is very new and not yet in stock. But drop it in your cart, and it will show up when it becomes available. This is likely to be a very popular collection.

  • Now it's safe to buy coloring books with people in them.

    If you've been avoiding coloring books with people in them because of the orange hair and crayon colors that don't represent the people she wants to draw, you can stop doing that! Why not buy a new coloring book full of people to go with that?

    This Fashion Forward ($7.59) coloring book is full of girls. Let her color them how she sees them.

  • Princesses of the world

    Or, for a younger artist, how about letting her color princesses the way she sees them?

    This Princess Coloring Book ($5.99) for younger girls lets her do just that.

  • For you to color after the kids are in bed.

    After she goes to bed, that collection of crayons is available for the adults. Now your coloring can have all the nuance of a wide range of subtle skin tones. Color some zombies with this Misfits: A Zombie Coloring Book for Adults and Odd Children ($10.98.)

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