Learn to Be a Pianist From Home With This 27-Hour Online Course for Just $35

Robin Hall

Whenever the kids pick up a new hobby, you’ll inevitably wish you had stuck to your own extracurriculars as a kid. Imagine riffing on the piano at the next dinner party, or even providing accompaniment while the family sings holiday jingles next winter. In just 27 hours, The Learn to Play the Piano and Music Composition Bundle can have you sounding like a pro and even songwriting and producing!

Kick off with the Pianoforall course, the new way to learn to play the piano and keyboard. The innovative approach is different from the lessons you gave up on as a kid and starts off with popular rhythm-style piano, like Billy Joel and Norah Jones. The step-by-step lessons in ballad, blues, bass, ragtime, and improvisational melodies will teach you to read sheet music and even play by ear.

As you hone your skills, it’s likely you’ll start getting requests to play family favorites and hits. Be prepared for those special moments with the Music Theory Essentials: Chords, Scales, and Modes course. Learn to understand keys and write chords in just three hours across 31 bite-sized lessons. From there, you’ll be armed with the Practicing & Arranging Music and Piano and Music Production 101 courses to produce and finish your very own tracks. Share what you learn and turn a family member into a duet partner. You’ll be hosting your own family-style Coachella before you know it! 

The Learn to Play the Piano and Music Composition Bundle is being offered at a discount for a limited time. Be the next Chopin, Schubert or Bach for just $34.95, and set an example for the family of how valuable sticking to a skill is. That’s 421 lessons across five courses at a $740 value, now available for just $34.95.

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