Give Your Microsoft Excel Skills a Boost with This $34 Online Bootcamp

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Being the head of a household forces you to wear a ton of hats, including that of a chef, activity director, boo-boo-kisser, and the list goes on. One of the most important hats parents wear is their financial one. Planning everything from daily expenses to financial goals is a daunting task, but a basic spreadsheet can be turned into a dynamic and powerful analytics tool to guide everyone in the house toward their goals.

A basic understanding of spreadsheet use is becoming the norm, but understanding how to utilize formulas and functions is the kind of knowledge that can transform data into a tool to advance your career or family. The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is the way in with six practical courses covered in just 33 hours that look as good on a resume as a spa day looks on your day planner. 

Calendars, shopping lists, and budgets can all be managed and automated with cell formulas and functions that you’ll learn about in the Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course. Learn to visualize it all with the Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs course -- imagine a pie chart that illustrates how much money is going toward dining out or streaming services. 

Take these skills beyond the household with the Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX course, which uses sample data from a fictional supermarket chain to provide hands-on practice, which sounds more like a fun computer game than a class. Explore and analyze raw data with Excel Pivot Tables to quickly answer complicated questions like how the prices of homes in the area have trended over the past 15 years, player statistics before drafting for the fantasy league, or even analyzing household spending habits year-to-year. 

Additional advanced courses include Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA, along with a complete “how-to” Excel Crash Course from beginner through advanced learning. The knowledge needed to organize your household or advance your career isn’t hiding behind a lofty and expensive degree. It’s available now at a massive discount. Get all six courses in The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle for $33.99, a $945 value.

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