Here's the Perfect Outfit for Anyone Who Started Their Family During Isolation


There have been a lot of predictions that all this staying home will start a baby boom. Are you the proof?


Not just on the baby (but yay!) but also on your life choices. Not everyone is taking these lemons and making a human baby with them. Some people are fighting, drinking too much, or circling the drain.

You are doing great! Here are some ways to announce that from the safety of your own indoor space.

  • Wear these T-shirts proudly, while they still fit.

    Did quarantine get you knocked up? We know how that goes. You were all, "Quarantine and chill?" And the next thing you know, your family is one tiny human larger.

    If you still have a few months to fit into jeans and a T-shirt, make it one of these "Quarantine and Chill" ($21.95) or "Quarantine Got Me Knocked Up" ($21.95) T-shirts, because you may never get the chance to make an announcement this funny and of the moment again.

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  • And get one for the little quarantine baby.

    While you are at it, why not get a matching onesie ($17.10) for the little sprout? When he/she is born, you can wear them together so everyone will know that making that little human in your arms is the sort of "making the best" you are capable of when the times get tough.

  • Blame it on the quarantinis.

    Does dad want in on the joke? These T-shirts "blame it on the quarantinis" or his hasty choice of mask in the moment. These are funny, and they are a baby announcement. This is a set of two shirts for $35. One for him. One for her. Just wear them in an Instagram post, and consider the announcement made!

  • Look at that cute little quaran teenie!

    Like a good pun? Here's one you can't use very often. Take some quarantine downtime, and add a quarantini and a bit of whoopie. What do you get? A "Quaran Teenie"!

    Super cute. Groan-worthy humor. And it's a baby announcement. All for $16.88.

  • A onesie that's also a quarantine baby announcement

    These bar code quarantine baby onesies ($16) are so cute! Because you may not be able to have the baby shower you had planned, maybe these would make a great announcement?

    Cute, Carter's, and you can customize the arrival date.