Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Small Businesses That Could Use Our Love Right Now

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 14, 2020 Shop
Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Small Businesses That Could Use Our Love Right Now
Image: Molly Hatch

Daisy trinket dish
Molly Hatch

It's hard to believe that Mother's Day is right around the corner, but it's almost that time again to celebrate all of the moms and grandmas in our lives and show them how much we appreciate them ... and that usually means that it's about that time we start looking around for the perfect Mother's Day gifts. Considering current world events, it goes without saying that most of us will be doing our shopping online this year instead of browsing around stores, but that also gives us the opportunity to support small businesses that we might not have heard of otherwise at a time when they really need the support the most.

Stumped on what to get Mom this year, but know that she deserves something extra special? Hopefully, this list will help. 

There's something on here for every mom out there, whether she's into drinking new wines she's never tried, working in the garden, or if we want to make sure she feels pampered this year. There are also plenty of options for something personalized and sentimental, because sometimes, those are the gifts that mean the most.

Read on for ideas for Mother's Day gifts from small businesses that might be struggling right now. It's super easy (and convenient) to grab something on Amazon, but by shopping small this year, not only will Mom get an extra special gift, but we'll be able to put our money to extra good use by supporting those who really need our shopping dollars most.

Happy shopping! 

  • An Engraved Wooden Spoon From A Few Spare Moments


    For a mom who loves to cook, this might just be the perfect gift -- and it could even end up making her emotional, too. These engraved wooden spoons will immediately become a keepsake, and there are a few different options for messages for mom (and for an extra cost, they'll wrap the gift in a new dish towel, too!). 

    Engraved Wooden Spoon (From $15, A Few Spare Moments/Etsy)

  • Perfume From Hi Wildflower


    This woman-owned small business sells perfumes, fragrances, and home scents, and it could be a great opportunity to grab mom something fancy to make her feel special. Isn't that what we all need around Mother's Day, after all? 

    Night Blossom Rollerball Perfume ($59, Hi Wildflower)

  • Soap From Sustainabar


    These handmade soaps are made from all natural, eco-friendly ingredients, and it definitely helps that they're so pretty, too! They'll be a nice treat for Mom's next bath or shower, and these flower-shaped soaps come in scents including grapefruit, lemon, lilac, and orange.

    Flower Soaps ($5, Sustainabar)

  • Straw Market Tote From Bon Ton Studio


    There's no such thing as having too many tote bags, so why not surprise Mom with a brand new one? This straw one is super chic and perfect for summer, including beach trips. Best of all, it was made in Morocco, and it's so cute.

    Straw Market Tote ($38, Bon Ton Studio)

  • Wall Art From Chasing Paper 


    If Mom is getting a little stir crazy from hanging out inside and could use a pick-me-up (or has been talking about wanting to do a little redecorating while she's stuck inside), what could be better than some cheerful new wall art she can hang up?

    Wall Art ($30, Chasing Paper)

  • Grow Kit From Home/Work


    Even if mom isn't super into gardening, this planting kit might just be the perfect thing to brighten up her home, and it makes it all super easy for her. The kit comes with seeds, a self-watering tray, a manual, and plant food. 

    Waxed Planter Grow Kit ($14, Home/Work)

  • An At Home Productivity Kit From Marie May


    Help Mom get organized and stay productive, no matter what's going on in the world, with this kit. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, with different items in each kit, including a weekly planner, to-do list notepad, and more. 

    At Home Productivity Kit (from $25, Marie May)

  • A Handwriting Bracelet From TomDesign


    Going for an emotional reaction this year? Yeah, this ought to do it, especially when getting the kids involved. This cuff bracelet features a message in the handwriting of someone Mom loves -- whether it's her own kids or the grandkids. Too cute.

    Handwriting Bracelet (from $35, TomDesign/Etsy)

  • Carbon Steel Knives From March


    Not only are these knives super stylish and affordable, but they are also the perfect gift for any mom who loves spending her free time cooking up new recipes in the kitchen. After all, any chef knows that a good knife makes all the difference.

    Carbon Steel Knives (from $22, March)

  • Personalized Photo Key Ring From CreateGiftLove


    There are few things as precious to mothers as something personalized and sentimental, and this gift happens to hit both marks. It's a pretty leather key ring that includes a photo inside, comes in a few different colors, and can be perfect for a mom or grandma.

    Personalized Photo Key Ring ($38, CreateGiftLove)

  • Basik Candle From Morningtide 


    Who would ever say no to a new candle? According to the website, this one smells like "earthy scents of oakmoss, sandalwood, and amber laced with lighter scents of sage and lavandin," which we are totally down for. Yum! 

    Basik Candle ($35, Morningtide)

  • Daisy Trinket Dish From Molly Hatch


    OK, this might just be the cutest trinket dish we've ever seen, and we have to assume that all our moms will agree with that. This tray is perfect for holding jewelry on a night stand or next to the kitchen sink ... or just about anything else, because it'll look adorable no matter where she puts it. 

    Daisy Trinket Dish ($17, Molly Hatch)

  • Greeting Cards From Tina Frey Designs


    Is Mom into modern art and sending mail? This set of five assorted cards will definitely help her live her best life -- and catch up on all the snail mail correspondence that none of us ever fully appreciate. Everyone loves getting mail, after all. 

    5 Assorted Colored Cards ($26, Tina Frey Designs)

  • Oregon Wine From Cellar 503


    Does Mom love a good glass of wine at the end of day -- especially a kind she may not have tried before? Cellar 503 will ship out bundles of wine from small wineries in Oregon, offering the chance to support small wineries and trying new booze all at the same time.

    Four Bottles of Red & White Wine ($100, Cellar503)

  • A Care Package From Spoonful of Comfort 


    Not able to see Mom on Mother's Day this year? That's OK -- this care package will definitely show her how much she's loved. It comes with rolls, a jar of soup, a ladle, and a half a dozen cookies for her to enjoy for dessert -- and she won't have to cook. 

    Thinking of You Care Package (from $70, Spoonful of Comfort)

  • Garden Stakes From YesterdaysNovember


    If Mom's been super into gardening lately (or has talked about wanting to start a garden of her own), these garden stakes might be a good choice. They're useful and adorable -- and even better when paired with new gardening gloves or a packet of seeds.

    Garden Stakes (from $9, Yesterday's November/Etsy)

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