20 Loungewear Must-Haves

Mandy Velez | Apr 7, 2020 Shop
20 Loungewear Must-Haves
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From sudden homeschooling to scary headlines to just trying to keep busy and sane, it's imperative to find joy during time of turmoil like this health crisis. It's a reality that celebrity mothers like Chrissy Teigen aren't even exempt from. For some, that comes by keeping the kids occupied with tons of things to do. For others, that comes in the form of self-care -- doing something for oneself. This should happen often for moms, but we figured part of self-care these days would include cozy loungewear.

After all, the one time we're all forced to stay inside calls for comfortable clothing -- but we're not just talking about pajamas. Loungewear is a cool middle ground that is as easy and comfortable to wear as PJs but can still look somewhat put together. We came up with a list of some of the most highly recommended loungewear for hanging out at home that any mom can feel better wearing. 

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  • Blue Tie-Dye Loungewear Set


    This loungewear set is not only comfortable but has one of the prettiest designs we've seen. It's handmade by an Etsy seller and comes with the sweatshirt and sweatpants. 

    Blue Tie Dye Loungewear Set ($86, LIVINGINTIEDYE/Etsy)

  • Terry Jogger Lounge Pants


    In the age of staying at home, joggers rule all. These plus-size terry joggers from Macy's are budget-friendly and come in light gray and black. Cozy up in them to work, read, or put on a face mask, because ~self care~.

    Terry Jogger Lounge Pants ($49, Macy's)

  • Patagonia Fleetwith Romper

    Patagonia Fleetwith Romper

    Rompers are chic and super comfortable. Also, easy to throw on when one needs to get dressed but doesn't want to put too much effort in, which is why it makes a great loungewear choice. Word on the street is that they're made of super comfy material.

    Patagonia Fleetwith Romper ($116, REI)

  • Pink H&M PJ Pants

    Pink H&M PJ Pants

    These sweatpants may technically be pajama pants, but the light pink color elevates them to another level of loungewear chic. Pair them with a T-shirt and socks (or sneakers) tp look super cute and comfy.

    Pink H&M PJ Pants ($13, H&M)

  • Cozy Lounge Jumpsuit


    For a jumpsuit that wears like a jumpsuit but looks likes two separate pieces, this Target one is the way to go. It comes in light or dark gray and has longer joggers and a short-sleeve top. And the best part? The low price.

    Cozy Lounge Jumpsuit ($28, Target)

  • Tie-Dye Longline Sweatshirt


    Sweatshirts don't have to be boring. Throw some color into one's wardrobe with a tie-dye pullover sweatshirt, like this one from Forever 21. It's a little baggy for the ultimate comfort at an affordable price. 

    Tie-Dye Longline Sweatshirt ($23, Forever 21)

  • Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt


    Classic sweatshirts will never go out of style. They were big in the '90s, and now in the age of staying home, they're making a strong and fashionable comeback. This one is in light pink with white stars embroidered on it.

    Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt ($15, Target)

  • Joy of Print Short Sleeve &  Shorts Set


    Cozy doesn't always have to mean bundled up. If the home is warm or a person always feels hot, it's important to have a comfy, lightweight loungewear. This Uniqlo short sleeve and shorts set is comfy and cool. 

    Joy of Print Short Sleeve and Shorts Set ($30, Uniqlo)

  • Tee Dress


    A T-shirt dress is another loungewear staple that's comfy while also being cuter than sweats. It's definitely an amazing item to wear around the house. It's easy to throw on, comfortable and also chic.

    Tee Dress ($68, Anthropologie)

  • Dylan Cropped Joggers


    These joggers would work just as well for a workout, lounging around the house, or a run to the grocery store. Pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers or fuzzy socks for a laid-back look. These come in six colors, in case one wants several to build an at-home wardrobe.

    Dylan Cropped Joggers ($68, Anthropologie)

  • Plush-Knit Lounge Joggers


    Comfort and function is possible at a more affordable price, too, and these Old Navy plush-knit joggers are it. They're not too baggy or tight, fitting just right to lounge around or exercise in. Or at this rate, work in.

    Plush-Knit Lounge Joggers ($30, Old Navy)

  • Jogger Sweatpants


    For a slightly tighter fit but every bit as comfy as the rest, try these J.Crew jogger sweatpants in the company's "signature cozy yarn." Who doesn't want their loungewear to be super soft?

    Jogger Sweatpant in Signature Cozy Yarn ($30, J.Crew Factory)

  • ASOS Oversized Jogger


    If style inspo comes from Instagram (or the celebrities) then these ASOS oversized joggers make a great choice of sweatpants. What's special about them is they can be dressed up or down and still look amazing.

    ASOS Oversized Jogger ($35, ASOS)

  • Gray Waffle-Knit Lounge Sweatshirt


    There's just something about waffle knit clothing that's incredibly comforting. Get a lounge top that's super warm and can also be masked as an actual top, should one need to venture outside.

    Grey Waffle Knit Lounge Sweatshirt ($19, Torrid)

  • Boerum Jogger


    Joggers made by a company that specializes in sheets and comforter must be incredibly comfortable, right? That's the case with Brooklinen's line of sweats called the Boerum Jogger which are very, very comfy. As they should be.

    Boerum Jogger ($75, Brooklinen)

  • Stripe Lounge Jumpsuit


    If wearing loungewear is slightly more about style, or feeling put-together despite having nowhere to go (yet) we suggest this stripe lounge jumpsuit from Venus. It's a perfect work-from-home outfit.

    Stripe Lounge Jumpsuit ($33, Venus)

  • Trouser Sweatpants


    Madewell is known for the quality of its clothing and that extends to its line of sweatpants, including these "trouser" sweatpants. They're made for lounging at home, taking the dog for a walk, or a quick trip to the store.

    Trouser Sweatpants ($43, Madewell)

  • Tie-Dye Shorts Overalls


    Overalls have made a comeback in recent years and now they've become part of loungewear. Throw on these comfy shorts overalls from Venus and be cool and comfortable. The pastel colors are sure to lift the mood at home and make a fun change from standard marl gray.

    Tie-Dye Shorts Overalls ($39, Venus)

  • Signaturesoft Plush Cropped Hoodie


    Hoodies just are amazing inventions. They keep people warm and feeling safe, but can also be fashionable. This plush cropped hoodie from famed loungewear brand Lou & Grey does all of the above.

    Signaturesoft Plush Cropped Hoodie ($80, Lou & Gray)

  • Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatpants


    These highly praised Lou & Grey joggers bring luxury to loungewear. The pull-on style has a traditional drawstring and cuffed ankles. These ones have pockets, too!

    Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatpants ($70, Nordstrom)

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