This Easter Candy Has a Royal Seal of Approval -- Literally


Imagine this. It's Easter morning at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and whoever else is home for Easter are all sipping tea (and the occasional coffee) from an antique tea service. The kids are searching the house and grounds -- under supervision, of course -- for elaborate eggs and Easter baskets.

The crumpets, scrambled egg whites, and poached fish are gone, and it's time for a bit of something sweet. 

It's also Easter.

You know what comes out so everyone can indulge? 

Charbonnel et Walker chocolates

The Queen adores chocolate. It's one of her few indulgences. And she likes Charbonnel et Walker chocolate so much that this London chocolate maker has earned a Royal Warrant. 

  • The royal family loves these thin mints.

    For a chocolate maker to receive a Royal Warrant, it has to be endorsed by the Queen or one of the members of the royal family, and the chocolate maker has to provide goods or services to the Queen, Prince Philip, or Prince Charles for at least five years.

    So I imagine there is a bit of a scramble for these yummy chocolate-covered mints when brunch is over. 

    These flavored chocolate thins ($34.99) are a creamy mint filling encased in dark chocolate. 

    This is the treat I'd be politely making a grab for if I were there.

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  • Champagne truffles in a gift box

    Champagne and chocolate is the ultimate special occasion treat. It's also an indulgence you don't have to leave the house to enjoy. These champagne and milk chocolate truffles ($25.50) created by this chocolatier to the Queen take indulgence up a notch. Princess Di, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Alec Guinness, Lauren Bacall, and Noël Coward, who were all devoted customers, also had the chocolates delivered. 

    Staying home doesn't have to be awful!

  • A true sea salt and chocolate indulgence

    Want to indulge a small crowd of people as you all enjoy Easter while sheltering at home? Open this sea salt caramel milk chocolate truffles in double layer gift box ($99.99) and let everyone enjoy the bliss of a soft caramel center, milk chocolate, and sea salt.

    This is over a pound of some of the world's finest chocolate.

  • A box of gift boxes

    If your friends and family are sequestered far away from you until we all come out the other side of this, you can send them each a taste of royal indulgence by ordering this box of gift boxes and sending them out individually as a small reminder that life is -- or will be again -- good.

    There are three different kinds of flavored chocolate truffles in this milk/pink/dark chocolate truffles in gift box ($49.99).

    Perfect for an Easter basket or Easter gift boxes.

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