20 Things That'll Help Moms Get Through Homeschooling

Mandy Velez | Apr 3, 2020 Shop
20 Things That'll Help Moms Get Through Homeschooling
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The serious virus plaguing the world right now has a lot of us feeling overwhelmed, but for moms in particular it has posed a new challenge. It is this reason that schools across the country have closed districts and started distance or online learning. It's a shakeup from reality that parents who have not homeschooled before are learning to deal with as they go. 

It's been a few weeks and parents or guardians may be running out of homeschool ideas. That's where we come in. Here are some resources to make distance learning a bit easier to handle and more efficient for kids. There are tons of printouts on Etsy from subjects like math to writing to even writing out names for the littler kids. There's also schedule ideas to keep things on track. We're all in this together.

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  • Mad Libs


    Mad Libs is a fun game that's also educational. It's been a staple in classrooms and for kids in general for a long time and would make a great homeschool activity to do that doesn't feel like work. 

    Dog Ate My Mad Libs ($5, The Paper Store)

  • Money Activity Sheet


    School teaches money and learning how to count money, but it's still possible and easy to teach that from home with money activity sheets. Even if it's not on the curriculum, learning life skills online is a good way to introduce it. Download it and print it out for instant learning. 

    Money Activity Sheet ($4, ArrowsandApplesauce/Etsy)

  • School Schedule Print Out


    Schedules are popular for a reason. Kids don't need to be super regimented, but having a set timeline of what kids can work on, whether it's school or fun, can keep things on track at home during this time.

    School Schedule Print Out ($8, TidyLadyPrintables/Etsy)

  • Homeschool Bingo Board


    Bingo is a fun game to play in normal times, but can be a useful tool in keeping kids occupied and also helping them learn numbers or words. Fill out the empty bingo sheet with vocabulary words or even a scavenger hunt. 

    Homeschool Bingo Board ($5, twigtotimber/Etsy)

  • Sensory Bin Set


    It's not all about reading, writing, or math when it comes to learning. For kids with sensory needs or even younger kids, developing sensory skills is an equally important part of learning. 

    Sensory Bin Set ($54, TheNoisyCricketShop/Etsy)

  • Crayola Crayons


    This one may be in a lot of homes already, but crayons and coloring are a big part of teaching kids, or maybe just giving them something to work on. Lots of learning can be done through art. 

    Crayola Crayons ($3, Target)

  • Sticker Book


    Reward systems, and using stickers as part of them, is still a good way to keep kids on track, whether it's completing a worksheet or doing their chores at home. This sticker book from Target has a ton. 

    Sticker Book ($6, Target)

  • Alphabet Chart


    Kids can learn even when they least expect by looking at posters on a daily basis. Teachers have them in their classrooms, so why not bring one or two home. K12 School Supplies has a bunch on its site for less than $5.

    Alphabet Chart ($4, K12SchoolSupplies)

  • Printable Chore Chart 


    Speaking of chore charts, Etsy has a ton of affordable printouts of different kids of chore charts for kids to follow in while practicing social isolation. This one is a morning specific chart that includes chores like cleaning up toys, brushing teeth, and eating breakfast.

    Chore Chart Printable ($6, CafeLatteDesigns/Etsy)

  • Amazon Fire Tablet


    Too much screentime isn't good for kids, and parents should check out recommendations online for each age. But when used correctly, kids can learn through technology. This Amazon Fire 7 tablet from Best Buy is a good place to start. 

    Amazon Fire Tablet ($70, Best Buy)

  • Adventure Book Subscription Box


    Reading can take kids to other worlds from the comfort of their homes. Library aren't open but subscribing to a book box can deliver new stories each month. This one is aimed at kids aged 7 to 9, but Literati has boxes for different ages and interests.

    Adventure Book Subscription Box ($58, Literati)

  • Name Writing Printable


    Littler kids may not be at the level of math problems or workbooks just yet, but they can certainly start practicing writing their names. Etsy has printable worksheets to help get them started.

    Name Writing Printable ($4, stockberrystudio/Etsy)

  • Dry Erase Calendar


    This calendar may not directly help out kids but it can help parents run the whole homeschooling thing. Put it up in the kitchen or playroom and have the whole family see the schedule for the week.

    Dry Erase Calendar ($70, CustomTouchStore/Etsy)

  • Reading & Math Workbooks


    So many companies make workbooks, it may be hard to know where to start. Scholastic is a trusted educational company and so that's where we chose to source workbooks for kids. This jumbo math and reading workbook is designed for kids in first grade.

    Reading and Math Workbooks ($15, Scholastic)

  • Melissa & Doug Magnetic Chalk & Dry Erase Board


    Paper and pencils are awesome, but having a tool to work on like Melissa & Doug's double-sided dry erase and chalkboard can make home into a classroom in itself. Kids can doodle or write out math problems and more.

    Melissa and Doug Magnetic Chalk and Dry Erase Board Set ($20, Kohl's)

  • Crayola Kids' Washable Paint


    Schools teach art, so it makes sense it's part of the homeschool curriculum. This paint set is budget-friendly and comes with 10 different colors for painting pictures. The paint is washable, so there's less worry about messes at home.

    Crayola Kids' Washable Paint ($5, Target)

  • Family Puzzle Set


    Puzzles can engage people of all ages. This one is made for families with kids and features some prominent figures in pop culture, from artists to dancers. It has 500 pieces, so it'll definitely take up some time.

    Family Puzzle Set ($14, Mudpuppy)

  • Match It! Animal Families Puzzle Cards


    This puzzle is perfect for early learners. It's both a matching game and puzzle to keep things interesting for the little ones, but also have them constantly learning, too. The theme here is farm animals.

    The Learning Journey Match It! Animal Families Puzzle Cards ($12, Bed Bath & Beyond)

  • Crocodile Hop Floor Game


    There's no gym class in homeschooling, but there can be physical activity. This crocodile hop game can get the kids moving around (read: expending energy) as well as learning with the math problems on the board.

    Crocodile Hop Floor Game ($29, Office Supply)

  • Homeschool Wine Glass


    Last but not least, parents will finally understand and have an appreciation for both teachers and full-time homeschoolers and parents. It's hard. For wine lovers, this Etsy wine glass will hold a much-deserved drink after a long day.

    Homeschool Wine Glass ($10, CraftyChicksDesigns1/Etsy)

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