Social Distancing Cards Are a Thing & They'll Brighten Someone's Day in Isolation


social distancing cards

Some states are just starting out on this stay-at-home-to-flatten-the-curve trend. But some of us are starting to get lonely in here. 

Whichever is your lot, this is a great time to reach out and talk to friends. But it's also a great time to do a bit more and send them a card that says you're thinking of them, even when they don't call.

There's nothing like a tangible reminder of affection in hard times. Especially if these hard times are happening on a birthday or anniversary. Just be sure to mist the card with Lysol, and don't lick the envelope!

  • For someone who's isolating on their birthday.

    Isolating on a Friday night is bad enough. But staying home alone on your birthday? Don't forget to send that person a card. Because a birthday alone is depressing. And finding the mailbox overflowing with cards might mitigate the misery a mite.

    This one is a funny Stevie Wonder joke ($4.50), and it fits the occasion. 

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  • This works even if your friend lives nearby.

    You know your friends are out there. Sometimes you see them in the garden or on their porch. Once in a while, you even stand 6 feet away from each other and have a chat. But when you haven't seen them for a while and you're thinking about them, send this card. It will brighten their day and wipe away that feeling of "I wonder if they forgot about me," or "Maybe everyone hates me."

    Also? It's funny. Well, it's a dorky pun anyway, "Aloe From the Other Side" ($4.50). But everyone needs a laugh right now.

  • Happy birthday from a social distance.

    Know someone whose birthday will fall during the stay-at-home order in their state? Stock up on cards for all of those people now. It's easy to start believing that no one cares if it's your birthday when you are staring at the same four walls all day and have only the refrigerator to keep you company.

    This warm, friendly card ($3.82) reminds them that you do care -- you are just caring from an appropriate social distance. 

  • Happy anniversary! We're stuck with each other now!

    It's your anniversary? Maybe you can't go out to your favorite restaurant because it closed. And you can't take that trip you'd planned because there's a travel advisory. But you have to celebrate! This is not the time to forget an anniversary, because you can't storm out and slam the door if your oversight causes a fight.

    The truth? You are stuck with each other now because the state has ordered you to stay home together. This Couples Who Isolate Together Have to Stay Together card ($4.21) gets you and makes light of the situation. 

  • Party like it's a global pandemic!

    It's your birthday, and we are gonna party like it's a global pandemic! 

    This card makes the most of the moment. This is big. And it's happening on your birthday. No one will forget the birthday you spent having separate dance parties in isolation! 

    This is a great birthday card ($6.04) that will help your recipient keep it all in perspective.

    You can pick the color of the envelope to brighten up mail day!

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