20 Pieces of Adorable Mother/Daughter Jewelry

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20 Pieces of Adorable Mother/Daughter Jewelry
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The bond between mothers and daughters is one of the most special things in life. Sure, girl dads are great. But so are girl moms. There may be some arguments, but moms and daughters can have relationships as confidantes and friends for life. In the same way that friends have friendship bracelets or matching tattoos, moms and daughters can find ways to show off their bond to the world, too. Whether it's a gift for mom, a wedding gift for the daughter, or just no reason, jewelry is a lovely way to show that. 

There's a reason friendship bracelets are so popular! We think the mom and daughter matching bracelet or ring or necklace set can be, too. We sleuthed around the internet and found a bunch to satisfy an array of tastes. From heart cutouts to pedants with sayings, we've found pieces that match mom and daughter's strong bond that they can show off for life.  

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  • Heart Initials


    Initials pay homage to someone special, and this dainty heart necklace does that in a delicate and special way. Mom and daughter can each get a necklace with both of their initials on it. 

    Cherished Heart Initials Necklace ($105, Lisa Leonard)

  • Signature Heart Necklace


    Speaking of hearts, since mothers and daughters have a bond of the heart -- get it? -- this cutout necklace shows visually how daughters hold a piece of their mother's heart. Mom can get the  larger cutout with a sweet saying on it.

    Signature Heart Necklace (from $49, PTCJewellery/Etsy)

  • Elephant Mother-Daughter Necklaces


    Elephants have strong familial bonds, so what better way to represent that for moms and their daughters than with a gold elephant necklace? Mom gets the larger elephant, while the daughter gets the baby elephant. So cute!

    Elephant Mother Daughter Necklaces ($24, Naksham/Etsy)

  • You Are My Sunshine Pendants


    Many moms out there sing, "You are my sunshine" to their babies, so what better way to remember that by having the lyrics of the song on matching pendants? Each pendant has an engraved sun on it as well.

    You Are My Sunshine Pendants (from $49, WordsByHeartCo/Etsy)

  • Mother & Daughter Linked Necklace


    Mothers and daughters often have a bond that connects them for life. This Dear Ava necklace not only represents that connection with its linked circle charms, but also has a sweet message explaining the mother-daughter bond on the card.

    Mother & Daughter Linked Necklaces (Dear Ava, $39)

  • Stella Valle Mother Daughter Bracelets


    Sometimes a bracelet rather than a necklace may be a mother and daughter's preferred jewelry style. These mom and daughter bangles say "Mother" and "Daughter" and "The best within you." 

    Stella Valle Mother Daughter Bracelets (from $39, Mark & Graham)

  • Heart Initial Cutout Mother-Daughter Necklaces


    This is another take on the classic heart cutout design in a sleek bar shape. The heart-shaped pendant has the daughter's initial on it, while the mom's bar pendant shows just where that child came from.

    Heart Initial Cutout Mother Daughter Necklaces ($63, ONecklace)

  • Heart & Moon Double Strand Necklace


    For mom and daughter pairs who prefer something other than hearts, try moons. The crescent moon is perfect for any mom who loves her daughter to the moon and back. The double-strand necklace has the trendy layered effect.

    Heart and Moon Double Strand Necklace ($215, Zales)

  • Mother & Daughter Linked Hearts Necklace in Rose Gold


    For a more minimalist necklace, we suggest this silver and rose gold plated combo of two hearts linked, one smaller heart and one larger. Mom and daughter can each have a necklace with two hearts linked, symbolizing their bond.

    Mother + Daughter Linked Hearts Necklace in Rose Gold ($48, The Paper Store)

  • Heart Cutout Necklace


    This cutout heart necklace is simpler and more understated than some of the other options, making it perfect for moms and daughters who aren't too flashy. The necklaces come with a card that explains the sentiment behind the pieces of jewelry.

    Heart Cutout Necklace (from $57, thejewlrybar/Etsy)

  • Mom & Daughter Roses Necklace

    Mom Daughter Roses Necklace

    This one is for moms and daughters who love roses. This Erin Pelicano necklace duo has two charms, both a small and large rose, symbolizing mother and daughter. It's designed to be shared, and comes with a card that explains the meaning behind the design. 

    Mom Daughter Roses Necklace ($85, Erin Pelicano)

  • Mother & 2 Daughters Necklace Set


    Moms have huge hearts, and sometimes they share their mother-daughter bond with more than one daughter. This Erin Pelicano necklace set symbolizes that with a pendant necklace for mom and two heart cutouts for her daughters.

    Sterling Mother & 2 Daughter Necklace Set ($120, Erin Pelicano)

  • You Are My Sunshine Necklaces


    "You are my sunshine" is a special song. These minimalist linked hoop necklaces to show both the mother-daughter bond as well as represent the song. Choose from Sterling silver or 14K gold filled, depending on what mom and daughter like most. 

    You Are My Sunshine Necklaces (from $38, HopeLoveShine/Etsy)

  • Sea Turtle Necklaces


    For moms and daughters who share a love of the ocean, this set may appeal. The mom and baby sea turtles are more subtle and whimsical than hearts or circles, and are also more colorful. 

    Sea Turtle Necklaces (from $40, SummerJewelryLA/Etsy)

  • Mother-Daughter Heart Bracelets


    Taking the cutout theme to the wrists, these coordinating mother-daughter bracelets are simply adorable. Whether they're a wedding gift or for Mother's Day, these are sure to be appreciated and treasured for years to come.

    Mother Daughter Heart Bracelets (from $48, Etsy)

  • Mother-Daughter Heart Rings


    Is it obvious we love hearts? If neither necklaces or bracelets are ideal for mom and daughter, then these heart rings are another option. They're small and simple and are handmade in Sterling silver.

    Mother Daughter Heart Rings (from $40, ViaPrairie/Etsy)

  • Gold Bird Heart Necklaces


    Cutout necklaces are wonderful because they are a modern version of the friendship two-sides-of-a-heart necklaces. This one from Etsy puts a spin on that, and the heart styles, by featuring a bird as the cutout part of the pendant and charm. 

    Gold Bird Heart Necklaces (from $63, emilyjdesign/Etsy)

  • Mom &  Sisters Necklace Set


    Another one for moms of more than more daughter, this necklace has a cool heart design, with each person's charm adding a layer to one whole heart. Two of the daughter charms say "big sister" and "little sister." 

    Mom and Sisters Necklace Set ($35, DawnsMetalDesigns/Etsy)

  • Mother-Daughter Bracelet


    For a bracelet set without any charms and focused on simplicity and tradition, we recommend this Dear Ava duo. It's made specifically for mothers and daughters to share with two matching bracelets and a card that describes the love between a mom and her daughter.

    Mother Daughter Bracelet ($50, Dear Ava)

  • Infinity Knot Rings


    The bond of mothers and fathers is forever and these infinity knot Etsy rings represent that. Infinity is a really sweet symbol and what better way to show it off than with matching handmade rings shared by mom and daughter?

    Infinity Knot Rings (from $45, IrresistiblyMinimal/Etsy)

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