5 Craft Kits To Keep Everyone Sane



Your job is to stay home. That sounds so delightful, so easy. But it's not. Not if you have kids in the house and a terrifying pandemic raging outside the doors. 

That English saying from World War II -- "Keep calm and carry on" --  is making a lot more sense to many of us right now.

So in the spirit of helping you stay calm, here are some craft kits that will help everyone focus on one simple, pleasant thing and carry on.

Also? This is a great time to support small home businesses.

  • Make this adorable felted rabbit.

    This rabbit is so cute your child will fall instantly in love. And the little guy requires no sewing (except to put on the eyes) or knitting. It comes with everything you need, from the step-by-step directions to the wool.

    One customer who tried this Rabbit Felting Kit ($23.84) says, "my bunny is adorable. I even made a little owl with leftover wool."

    No experience necessary.

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  • Paint these ceramic Easter eggs.

    Not only will this Easter egg painting kit provide you with adorable Easter decorations, it will teach the kids about colors and keep them focused on something productive.

    The Paint Your Own Easter Eggs ($15) kit comes with paints, ceramic eggs, and a chart that teaches how to mix primary colors to make new colors.

    "Wonderful gift for my granddaughters stuck in the house during the pandemic isolation," says one reviewer.

  • Make some useful and beautiful soy candles.

    If you're trying to entertain kids and homeschool them while working from home, why not go all in and super multitask that by teaching them to make something you actually want. Soy candles! They'll be thrilled when you light them and they scent the entire house.

    This Soy Wax Candle Making Kit ($28.99) comes with everything you need, including clear instructions, so you can all learn how to do this at the same time. It takes less than an hour to make them.

  • Let the kids paint these wooden eggs.

    Let go of perfection here! Get out the acrylic paints, hand the kids some paintbrushes, and wait for the kid-created version of this Easter egg tree. It will become a decoration you bring out every year until the kids can't take it anymore.

    The Blank Craft Kit Laser Cut Wooden MDF Easter Tree ($8.78) will keep them busy and stir their creativity. It's hard to go wrong.

  • Time for some macramé jewelry.

    Did you do macramé as a child? Everyone did, right? Well, it's time to get your kids doing it, too. Especially when the end result is this pretty bracelet.

    This Bracelet Making Kit ($11.99) teaches kids to do macramé and comes with enough cord to make three bracelets. Play your cards right and you might come out of this wearing a piece of jewelry made for you by your child.

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